ASP.NET Training

ASP.NET Training

Looking for a computer institute for professional asp.net training in Kathmandu; easily accessible and located nearby your place?  - Then IT Training Nepal is the best asp.net training institute in Kathmandu located at prime location in Putalisadak.

ASP.NET training course is primarily developed for students and professionals aspiring to learn .NET technology and start career in .NET platform. ASP.NET Training course will provide knowledge in developing, debugging, and deploying enterprise web applications. With this course, students will be able to create web based applications in ASP.NET using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET platform. 

Why choose us for ASP.NET Training?

IT Students often have the quest for the best institute for ASP.NET training in Nepal to learn professional ASP.NET course. In the process of finding a good training center in ASP.NET, students come across a number of computer training providers who claim to offer professional training courses in ASP.NET. This normally results confusion in choosing the appropriate ASP.NET training center in Kathmandu. In such situation, you may ask why choose IT Training Nepal for ASP.NET training course, rightly so.

It has been proven that teaching a pre-defined syllabus does not always guarantee a learners’ ability to develop essential skills required in real time applications. Therefore, to implement an efficient training course, we have devised three most important factors which are as follows:

1.    Course Curriculum that best fits in the current rapidly changing IT industry.

2.    Learning environment that is suitable for students to grow with trainers having the passion for sharing their knowledge and experience.

3.    Training methodology that practices the recent, innovative and dynamic tools and techniques.

How ASP.NET Course is designed?

ASP.NET C sharp training course at IT Training Nepal The ASP.NET course syllabus is an outcome of rigorous discussion among software professionals, experts and educators in ASP.NET technology. We periodically update our course syllabus on the basis of research and surveys on current development practices in software development industry. 

The ASP.NET training course comprises of following components:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery: Since, ASP.NET is a technology for developing web based application, knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery is the required.

ASP.NET and C#:  The course begins with an in-depth knowledge of the foundation of .NET framework and Object Oriented programming terms like class, functions, constructors, etc. This is then followed by a detailed knowledge about server controls and web user controls upon learning which students become able to design and work with controls in ASP.NET. Students develop skills for theme customization, accessing data from database, implement security management and formulate plans and strategies for error handling.  Students also learn to do debugging and tracing .NET applications. Implementing Ajax and generating Crystal Reports using .NET are also the major things students learn during this course.

MSSQL:  The course then moves on to SQL server. This module provides insight and practical examples on relational database and tables along with other major SQL concepts like JOIN queries, sub-queries and many more.

Important concepts on entity framework and LINQ are also discussed in detail.

MVC, which is the latest pattern in software industry in .NET,is also trained at IT Training Nepal.

To get the details of the course topics, go to the section “syllabus” below.

How are ASP.NET training classes conducted?

To evaluate the efficiency of our daily lectures, every Saturday a test is conducted among the students; based on which students’ progress is tracked.

On the basis of this, with a motive to optimize the learning ability of students, we make required changes and updates in the current training methodology.  Supplementary classes, revision classes, class assignments and home assignments are provided with respect to the students’ growth.

At the end of the training, students need to complete a “project work”, which is must for the fulfillment of the training. Internship facilities are provided for .NET students during which they are guided by experts and professionals in .NET Platform. A supervisor is responsible for guiding students throughout the internship period.


This course will teach students about the fundamentals of the Microsoft .NET Framework and ASP.NET by focusing on the following things:

  •  Students should be able to develop a fully- functional web based applications and websites
  • To get understanding of .NET Framework, C# and ASP.NET languages.
  • To develop database intensive applications as required.
  • The student should be able to deploy applications developed in ASP.NET.
  • To learn various features of .NET Framework like server controls, security features like authentication and authorization.
  • Using various functions and configuration setting provided by .NET platform.
  • Use various techniques like state management, handling master pages in .NET.
  • Create a web application using ASP.NET AJAX.

Who can join ASP.NET Training?

College students who are currently earning their Bachelors degree in IT subjects (BE computer, BSc. IT, BCA) can find this course beneficial. Else than that whoever wants to be established as a professional ASP.NET web developer are welcomed for this course.

Prerequisites for ASP.NET Course Training

Although, it is expected that students who wish to learn ASP.NET have the required amount of knowledge in HTML/CSS, database queries and basic programming concepts, IT Training Nepal arranges viable extra-classes for the ones who do not meet the criteria. Classes to be carried out may be HTML/CSS, database queries in MsSQL and programming in C.

Module 1: C#

In the beginning of the course, students are familiarized with the basic programming concepts. Students are well-acquainted with the .NET Framework, which is relatively more complex than other programming platforms. This module comprises of the following topics:

  • Introduction to .NET Framework
  • Variable Declaration, Data Types, Constants
  • Condition using If else statement and switch
  • Looping using while, for and foreach loop.
  • Arithmetic Operators, Comparison Operators, Logical Operators, Assignment Operator
  • Array, Functions
  • Classes and Objects
  • Properties and Methods
  • Visibility Modifiers
  • Constructor and Destructor Functions
  • Concept of Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstraction and Polymorphism
  • Concept of Interface
  • Error Handling and
  • Exception Handling using try catch, throwing an exception, creating a custom exception

The learning outcome of this phase is students successfully build and run C# programs on .NET Framework.

Module 2: SQL Server Course Syllabus for .NET Training

Since .NET Framework is used to build database-driven web-applications, a thorough knowledge of database is required for performing operations on data (storing and managing data). Students must know the concepts of normalization, foreign key relationship and overall database management system how to design a normalized relational database and identify relationships between the tables. 

  • Introduction to database
  • Concept of tables
  • SQL Concepts for Insert, Update, Delete, Select
  • Case Condition for Select Statement
  • Concepts of Joins, Inner Join, Outer Join
  • Concept of Keys, Primary Key
  • Concept of Foreign Key and Cascading Concepts
  • Normalized Database Designing
  • Stored Procedure

The learning outcome of this phase is students’ proficiency in implementing and executing database operations (retrieve, update, add, delete) through SQL queries in the user-interface of the application.

Module 3: ASP .NET Course Syllabus

Till here, students form a strong base for learning to build the components of ASP.NET web application. The next phase students do is to build and run the components of web application.

  • Form Designing and Working with Controls
  • ASP.NET Controls (Server Controls) and HTML Controls (Web User Controls )
  • Controls like label control, textbox control, button control
  • Grid View Controls, Validation Controls
  • Data Grid and Repeaters.
  • Enhancing websites using Master Page and Themes
  • Defining Master Page and Content Pages, Page Navigation
  • Applying Themes and Styles to Controls
  • Using Themes to customize a Site.
  • Insert into Database through Forms & validating data before inserting
  • Displaying data from a database using Grid View Server Control
  • Displaying data from a database using HTML Controls dynamic.
  • Editing data in database using checkbox and input controls like textbox.
  • Deleting data from database table using checkbox.
  • Managing State in .NET application
  • Security, Membership and Role Management
  • Emailing Concepts and Sending Email
  • Error Handling, Debugging and Tracing ASP.NET applications
  • Implementing Ajax with ASP.NET
  • Crystal Report Generation
  • SQL Reporting
  • AjaxControlTookKit and its implementation

The learning outcome of this phase is students become able to build a given functional requirement of web-application.

Module 4: Additional Web Technology Course along with .NET Course

Since ASP.NET programming aims to develop web based application or website, it is better to have the knowledge of web templates. Developers may need to solve issues related to web-design, for which knowledge of design is required. Keeping this thing in mind, IT Training provides training on HTML, CSS, JS and JQuery as well.

  • Concept of HTML(paragraph, heading, image, anchor, form, table)
  • Concept of creating website templates
  • Concept of Cascading Style Sheet
  • Concept of JavaScript for client side validation purposes.
  • Concept of JQuery

The learning outcome of this phase is students successfully build web templates or integrate the templates into an ASP.NET web application.

ASP.net Developer

This course is best suited for a candidate seeking a career in IT Companies as an ASP.net developer.

ASP.NET is extensively used web development platform around the world. In Nepal, there are large numbers of companies working in ASP.net framework working in enterprise development. Around 18% of the all websites use ASP.NET for server side programming.

According to http://www.itjobswatch.co.uk/; .NET ranks 4th in the highest paid job with an average salary of 41,000 pound sterling and around 2.5% raise per year.
Many students and professionals planning to go to USA, UK, and Australia prefer the
ASP.NET training as they will have good chance of finding work.
After successful completion of this ASP.NET training, candidates will be able to work in various companies as well as a freelancer in ASP.NET technology. Our training course of ASP.NET will enable students to become polyglots- having knowledge to write applications in different languages for different platforms, that’s an added advantage.

With the completion of this ASP.NET training, candidates will be able to fill the market demands for .NET developers, plus they will be able to gain significant level of knowledge in advance level in MVC pattern. MVC pattern is being popularly used in Nepal and worldwide these days.


Anjan Baniya

Anjan Baniya

IT Training Nepal is one of the top ASP.NET institute in Nepal that provides professional and job oriented training in .NET. In this training I scaled up my knowledge and skills. I also learned to develop real time applications during the training. I am very glad that I joined institute.

Date: 14th August 2012

Date published: 15 Feb, 2014
8 / 10  stars

Roshan Maharjan

Roshan Maharjan

I am really glad that after successfully completing my course at IT Training Nepal. The learning environment and teacher appointed to us were very friendly. Training was totally based on practical skills. The knowledge gained during the training has helped me to become a competent software developer. I recommend IT Training Nepal as the professional ASP.NET training center in Nepal.

Date:14th August 2012

Date published: 15 Feb, 2014
8 / 10  stars

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