Computer Courses

Every sector requires an individual to have different IT Qualification to do day to day job effectively. Students, teachers, doctors, organizational professionals needs to have basic computer skills, accountants and bankers need the knowledge to operate accounting software, civil engineers needs to have the knowledge of Arc GIS software, system administrators and network administrators needs to have knowledge of computer networking and software developers need to have programming knowledge to develop software. Therefore depending upon the nature of job, every person should have different levels of knowledge in computer.

At IT Training Nepal, we have been providing trainings on different computer courses from corporate IT Trainings to advance software development course. We have categories of courses and each of the courses has been highly customized to meet individual needs. We also offer varieties of programs for a technology which will help individuals with different level of learning and educational background to learn the course more effectively. The courses, regardless of their level, are taught by experts in that particular sector which, we believe, will help students to learn and develop practical knowledge in that particular technology.

The courses we offer are categorized into:

  • Foundational courses
  • Job oriented training courses
  • Certification courses
  • Corporate Trainings

With the foundational courses, the students will be able to develop the foundational knowledge in technical subjects. These courses are also very useful for students from non-IT background to develop career in IT fields. We have a list of courses in this category ranging from C programming course to Web Design and Graphics Design.

The job oriented training courses will offer the students to grasp the boundless opportunities in the market. Technologies like PHP, .NET, Java have dominated software development market since few decades. And, there is a growing demand of qualified professionals in these technologies with very attractive career and financial development. We have conducted various thorough researches as well as held discussion with fellow professionals to determine which of these technologies have demand and scope around the world and especially in Nepalese IT Industry.

We also provide certification courses in various subjects like RHCE, MCSE, CCNA, A+, Oracle, and MS SQL. Certification courses will help students to gain credentials and recognition in addition of gaining knowledge and mastery in that particular course.

We also have training courses for professionals working in various organizations as administrative and managerial staffs. Courses like MS Office, Advance Excel, Basic Computer Training, IT support Officer training have been designed especially to meet the requirements of corporate world.

List of courses at IT Training Nepal