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There are many reason you might want to have an online personal profile or a portfolio website on internet. There is a growing trend among web designers and developers to create their personal websites to showcase their works and allow people to contact them. They are often termed as freelancers. Students, Graduates and Job seekers create personal website to show their academic history and work experiences if any to their prospective employers. Teaching Faculty Members, researchers, authors create personal websites to showcase their articles, research, creation, etc.

There are few ideas, features that can be incorporated in a personal websites. Here are few of them:

Writing about yourself, educational details, your interest, hobbies
Attach a Curriculum vitae.
Create a portfolio of past works, past experiences, work history.
Share Jokes, poetry, share favorite musics and videos
Share resources like software, online games, online tutorials.
Share weather reports, astrology news, calendar.
Write articles, review books and films, share experiences and personal views
Blog news, blog latest events and happenings.
Integrate social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube links and add web links to favorite and good websites
Create a gallery and share photos of family, wedding, vacation, parties.
Add Google Adwords to earn money online.

In this section, we have shared templates that are designed by students which can be downloaded and used for creating personal websites.

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Personal Website

Author Details, Template Description and Features

This is a website template developed by Rajani Shrestha, a student at IT Training Nepal. This template is masterfully designed and looks beautiful. Few lines of personal information can be written on the homepage as well. The homepage has various features like portfolio , contact form, gallery, blog, and links to social networking sites.

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