Website Templates

Students at IT Training Nepal are taught to develop website templates during the web design training course. These design are created by them as a part of their web design project work. 

Project Work after training on Website Template Designing

Creating a web template requires sequential steps like designing layout which involves optimizing fonts, frames, graphics and color management as well as basic operations and designing in an HTML. This requires a lot of effort and time. We offer in-depth knowledge required to create web templates starting from color scheme, configuring navigation, developing mock design, creating page in HTML, CSS styling and formatting as well as editing templates.

Features of the templates

  1. Should be editable
  2. Should be compatible with html editors
  3. Coding should be structured, and it should not alter the structure of template when content is inserted into the templates.
  4. Should be easy to upload and download.

Usage Instruction

Website templates are pre-designed model of the website, you just have to put contents on them. A basic knowledge of using HTML and CSS is required to use these templates for a new website. However, If you need any help regarding the templates, you contact the our web designing department for support at support@ittrainingnepal.com

If you are looking for a professional web design for your company, we would be glad to provide you the assistance. You can contact us via email and we will reply you shortly.

Available Templates

Sports Template

Everybody loves sports. Most of them see big matches, while many follow sports regularly. But there are fans who wants to have a website to post news, events, stories and all the happening in ground to update the sport lovers. But the sad news is that most of them don’t have knowledge to create a website. Thus, we have created a gallery of web design related to sports and now sports lovers can download the website for free. The template can be customized slightly and used as per the requirements.

Art and Handicraft Shop

If you are searching of website templates to display handicraft items, paintings, arts and craft, then this section might be the one you would like to browse. The template in this section can be used by suppliers, manufacturers, exporters of handicraft items.

Training Institute

All the templates in this section can be used by anyone for commercial as well as non-commercial use. However, please mention the credit of the author of the template.

Consultancy Template

If you are an educational consultancy, business consulting companies, marketing consultant, recruitment agency, business development consultant, or any other consultant and you want to develop a website for your company, you can download the website templates from this section.

Web Development Company

If you are planning to establish a website development company and focus on software product development rather than web designing then you might want to download a free template for listing your services online. If you are a programmer and is seeking to develop a website to represent yourself and your portfolio on the web, you might be interested in downloading the web design created by our students during the training. We have collected the web design made by students and published them for visitors to download.

Trekking Agency

Are you a trekking agency looking to design a website for you trekking company ? Are you a trekking guide and wish to have your own website for displaying your portfolio online for trekkers. If yes, you can find a website template from our gallery of free templates and start developing your own websites. We provide free templates for them who wants to build trekking websites.

Most of the trekking company website have the following features like featured destinations, best selling trekking, best rated trekking destination, short company introduction, an image slider to highlight best destinations, company services like hotel booking, newsletter signup, client testimonials, search and advance search, image gallery and video gallery.

College template

Whether you are a business organization or an educational institution, a website is required to represent the organization. These days universities, colleges, schools, training institutes and every types educational institution have their own websites. A website is important in many ways. A website creates a professional image of the institution, it gives information like address, hours of operations and various other information.

A college website should provide basic information like program details, course syllabus, faculty information, admission procedures, academic profile and history and basic features like contact us page, news and event listings, image gallery, newsletter signup, etc.

Company website

Are you operating any kind of small business and don’t want to spend money to create a website ? Remember that building an online identity is very important because it brings your potential customers to your doors.Therefore your first online identity is your company portfolio website where you can showcase your best and most recent work. If you are PHP programmer or web developer and if you have no experience creating web design then, this is a right place for you to download portfolio web design. You can integrate your PHP code for building a web site with one of the web site templates. A company website is an important part of representing the company portfolio online. The main reason of creating a company website is to display its product and services to attract visitors.

There are many characteristics and features that makes a good portfolio website.

The website should have clear navigation, attractive Layout, well organized content for better user interaction.
The website should have a basic contact us form for contacting company, and Google Map Integration for locating company physically.
Implementing social bookmarking and integration is necessary to become popular in the internet.

Personal Website

There are many reason you might want to have an online personal profile or a portfolio website on internet. There is a growing trend among web designers and developers to create their personal websites to showcase their works and allow people to contact them. They are often termed as freelancers. Students, Graduates and Job seekers create personal website to show their academic history and work experiences if any to their prospective employers. Teaching Faculty Members, researchers, authors create personal websites to showcase their articles, research, creation, etc.

There are few ideas, features that can be incorporated in a personal websites. Here are few of them:

Writing about yourself, educational details, your interest, hobbies
Attach a Curriculum vitae.
Create a portfolio of past works, past experiences, work history.
Share Jokes, poetry, share favorite musics and videos
Share resources like software, online games, online tutorials.
Share weather reports, astrology news, calendar.
Write articles, review books and films, share experiences and personal views
Blog news, blog latest events and happenings.
Integrate social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube links and add web links to favorite and good websites
Create a gallery and share photos of family, wedding, vacation, parties.
Add Google Adwords to earn money online.

In this section, we have shared templates that are designed by students which can be downloaded and used for creating personal websites.

Bike Template

If you want to create a website for bike showroom then this page is an ideal choice for you. In this section of our template, we have shared free bike templates to download and use for website development. The bike template in this page will fulfill the requirement of all types of bikes websites.

model website

 Are you are planning to create a beautiful modeling website for displaying new models? Are you looking to create an online portfolio for your modelling agency ? Are you looking to create a modelling website to display latest news and views on top models from the world, display pictures of new models and display latest fashionable products ? If you are planning to open a fashion store or if you need a fashion template then we have many templates designed by our students that might suit your needs.

We have listed numerous free templates that you might need. All the templates have been designed by students at IT Training Nepal and the templates are ready to use. Browse through all the templates and download them to use to build websites for modeling agency. The templates in this page can be downloaded by a modeling agency to create a modeling website.

Company Portfolio


Free WordPress theme for an organization

Collection of WordPress theme for  educational institutions, government and non-government institutions, companies, and other organizations.

Fashion Store

If you are looking to create an online portfolio to display latest fashionable products or if you are planning to create on online fashion store then you can downoload the template in this category to create a fashion store website. These templates have been designed by our students during their training session.