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Ajax and XML Training

Ajax training is essential for web developers who want to create websites and applications that load quickly even in slow internet speed. The course will explain how to create a dynamic webpage that reloads various components in a webpage without the page being refreshed.  

You might have seen a small division in a web page reloaded with new content in a very quick time without the need of whole page being refreshed. You might have come across a text box that will populate name or title instantly depending on letters we type. You might have seen a progress bar to show progress of a specific task. You might have seen the rating widget that will allow to rate without prompting the user to click on submit button and will display the increased rating value without reloading the page. These are several real time examples where Ajax technologies have been used. If you want to apply such techniques across your websites and applications, then probably you should consider learning Ajax technology.  

Learning and applying such technologies has been important in this generation of web.  In the recent years, web has nearly reached the line of desktop based software application in terms of speed and performance. Facebook and Twitter have set the benchmark for web applications in terms of speed.  Therefore, if we are a web developer or if we own a website for company, then enriching the usability and performance of our websites and applications becomes significant in today’s context.

In Ajax training, you will mainly learn how XHMHttpRequest object, will asynchronously transfer data between server and client.  You will learn to use Ajax across various browsers. In the Ajax XML course, you will see how browsers communicate asynchronously to fetch content from the web server and display it in the web page without refreshing the page.

Ajax training comprises of following components.

  • JavaScript
  • XML
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JSON

Ajax training is important for Web Developers working in various platforms. Ajax Technology is used while creating a web based application in PHP or ASP.NET. Thus, the training will prove to be beneficial to improve users experience on the web by creating rich Internet applications which is the requirement of web 2.0.


The objectives of this training course are as follows:

  • Students should be able to understand how Ajax technology works.
  • Use Ajax techniques wherever required in the application.
  • Improve performance of web page by introducing Ajax wherever applicable.
  • Develop concepts to build real world Ajax based applications.

Who can join Ajax and XML Training?

  • People who work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript can learn Ajax to add more dynamism and interactivity to design elements.
  • Web Developers can take the greatest advantage of Ajax technology as they can enhance user experience by transmitting asynchronous data between webserver and webpage.


Learning AJAX requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS and XML technology. However, if students don't have these concepts we train the students first in these courses and later train in AJAX.


Module 1: Basic Ajax

  • Introduction to Ajax
  • How Ajax works?
  • XMLHttpRequest Object Reference
  • Creating an XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Methods and Properties
  • Using an XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Handling the response
  • XML
  • Use of XML
  • Creating xml documents

Ajax itself is not a seperate component of web. It is generally considered to be an integral part of web technology. IT companies, web development companies explicitly state the knowledge of Ajax while posting a job vacancy. Employers generally consider Ajax as a formal requirement before recruiting web developers and programmers.


Ajax and XML Training

I was seeking a job to work as a Web Developer and wanted to learn about Ajax and XML to improve my job opportunities. I am now working as Web Developer and confident in my approach to develop Ajax based applications. Thank you ITTN

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Ajax and XML Training

I got the wonderful opportunity to work as intern as web developer here at IT Training Nepal. The training has really helped me to understand the core principles of Ajax and XML and this internship has provided me the opportunity to implement that knowledge in real time work with the supervision of expert professionals. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.

Rating: 5

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