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This section has been presented for sharing ideas, views and information among professionals, students and academicians working or related to IT sector. With this article section, we hope to create a platform where people will be able express and find ideas and views of fellow professionals, students and academicians.

In this section, you can find various articles on different categories beneficial for academic as well as practical knowledge.  The articles presented here mainly focus about IT sector in context of Nepal; the current scenarios, trends as well as future conduit of IT as Industry. The presented articles have overview information about the history of IT education and IT industry, scope of growth and requirements for growth, scope in terms of market and career, career paths and choices as well as tips from professionals related to career growth.

You can look into this section for articles presenting information on specific technology, software developments, programming languages, scope and career in IT and many other areas related to information technology. Keep yourself updated with the latest information on technological advancements.  

The articles presented here have been contributed by professionals working in various development companies, students and teachers related to IT Industry. All the credits related to articles solely goes to the author of the article and may not necessarily reflect the views of IT Training Nepal. We IT Training neither claim credit nor assume responsibility of these articles.

We follow a specific process before publishing an article. First the article is received and is then edited by our editorial board which includes a team of professional developers as well as linguist. However, the view presented in these articles are solely the view of authors, we IT Training Nepal are not to be credited.

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Computer Education

Find more information about computer education programs and computer education options in this category. The articles can be helpful to know about various courses for those interested in earning a degree in computing.

IT Careers

Find the latest IT careers, IT jobs trends and various other information in Information technology from this section. We have presented the articles in this section based on facts and statistics from various sources.