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Cloud Computing

Want to learn Cloud computing but can’t think of a right place? ITN over the years has been recognized as an excellent institution in various sectors. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of ITN, your perfect guide for cloud computing training in Nepal.

In general term, cloud computing refers to the storage and accessibility of data and programs on the Internet rather than in a computer’s hard drive. The accessibility of cloud-based applications and services can be performed from anywhere via Internet connection. Cloud computing has been eventually increasing due to its special characteristics that features high capacity networks, hardware visualization, improved performance, low service costs, storage devices and many more. Cloud computing is believed to be user friendly and very reliable. It speaks of elasticity and scalability permitting to accommodate resources according to the need and demand of the business. It doesn't need any effort on your part to maintain or manage it. Because of its unlimited size, there are no chances of running out of capacity. Big names like Google and Dropbox are using Cloud.

Its high demand on the e-world has triggered ITN to start up trainings for Cloud computing course in Nepal. IT Training Nepal has made its name to the top as one of the best institutes for any kind of computer training. Here at IT Training Nepal, we believe in learning rather than teaching. We are driven towards creating skilled individuals in Cloud computing as well as adding credentials to the students’ portfolio. After the concentrated teachings from a team of highly dedicated and committed experts, the students will have the flair to use their acquired information professionally. ITN and quality teaching go hand-in-hand. The demand for experts and professionals in Cloud computing is intensifying as numerous companies are practicing this technology. Hence, Cloud computing course at ITN, Nepal will open doors to a wide range of Cloud related employment opportunities in the future.


  • Introduction on Cloud computing and its services
  • To disseminate information with regard to cloud computing
  • Shape up candidates with a strong foundation towards working with computing platform
  • Bring out qualified candidates who are able to meet the industrial expectations.

Who can join Cloud Computing?

Not just people from technological background, but anyone can enroll for this course right from the scratch. Entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their career via this program can start up for this training.


There are no specific prerequisites to learn Cloud Computing. It would be of a great support if the candidate is preferably from an IT or computer background. Basic knowledge on computer operating systems and programming would be a plus point. 



Cloud Computing

One of the best institutes to learn cloud computing course in Nepal. The trainers were very interactive and enthusiastic. ITN is the place to be if you need a kick start on the journey towards cloud computing and its future endeavors. Thank you ITN for the wonderful experience.

Rating: 5
Cloud Computing

It has been an enriching and rewarding experience to take training for cloud computing course at ITN. The methods they put on to train and instruct is quite to the point and very much understandable and simple. ITN definitely ranks as the finest computer institutes in Kathmandu.

Rating: 5