Computer Training for SEE/SLC Appeared Students

SEE (SLC) level is often regarded as an Iron Gate in Nepalese Education System but it is actually a door to opportunities. Various higher education disciplines can be pursued after SEE. It is also very important phase in student’s life as it can shape their future fields of study and career. Generally students have short break of about 2-3 months before they join higher education after SEE. So it the best time for students to lay foundation to their career orientation and shape their future.

Computer Education and Training in schools is very young discipline. Most of government schools and even many private schools in rural areas are yet to introduce Computer Education and Training in their academic program. But the importance of Computer Education can’t be stressed more. Now-a-days, various universities in Nepal offer technical education many different disciplines related to computer. As well, various other educational program are incorporating computer technology for e.g. various management and commerce programs incorporate computer programs in their curriculum. Also, internet has become a global library so information accessing has become really easy job.

Let's find out why Computer Training for SEE appeared students is important:

Taking into consideration these facts IT Training Nepal has launched a special training course for SEE appeared students which will enable the students to gain valuable knowledge as well developing career orientation. We have already successfully run this course in few of the corporate offices like SAARC Secretariat, Canadian Cooperation Office, Rastriya Banijya Bank Retirement Fund.

This training course will provide a solid foundation in basic concepts related to computer and its operation. We follow a systematic approach that helps learners to understand the concepts and use the knowledge themselves. In this course practical hands-on knowledge about fundamental operation of Computer, identifying the components, using their various applications is given.

The training course for SEE students include the following things:

For details of the office package training manual click here

If you are interested in this course then please register now and reserve your seat. We are offering scholarship for first 50 students. You can contact us for further details

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