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Database management system (DBMS) Training

Database is the back-end of any software system. It stores all the data and information used in the software system or application. In order to develop a software system, or application (desktop based or web based) you need to have the knowledge of database. To create a software system, programmers and developer should be able to create database architecture and design.

What we offer in Database Management System Training?

Database management system course encompasses all aspects of database management system like database design, programming, administration, security and others that you need in order to gain proficiency in this area. The database design training will focus on logical design principles of a database. The database administration training will focus on planning, developing, maintaining, managing and securing the database system. The SQL training will be more focused on programming aspects of database. In the SQL training, students will learn to query database and handle complex queries.

This course is important for web developers and database developers. The knowledge of database is acquired through learning any one of the database management system software like MySQL, MsSQL, Oracle and Ms Access.


  • To learn to design normalized database tables.
  • To learn SQL programming.
  • To learn all aspects of database and work as database administrator.

Who can join Database management system (DBMS) Training?

This training can be taken by students who wants to learn software development and programming. Database management system course can be taken by software developers, programmers who don't have good knowledge in creating a database design. This database administration training can be useful for system administrators who looks the company overall computer system because the database backup may be necessary occassionally. 

This course is best suited for a candidate seeking a career in IT Companies as a web developer or a database developer. Database design is important part of software development. Every dynamic website and application needs database.  Hence, knowledge of database is important. 


Module 1: Database Programming

  • Introduction to DBMS, RDBMS
  • Primary Key, Foreign Key
  • Relationships
  • Data Definition Language
  • Data Manipulation Language
  • Database Design (E-R Diagram)

Since Database design is an important part of software development, various companies working in software and web development require professional working with database. This Database Management System (DBMS) training course will enable students to grasp job opportunities in the following roles:

  • Database Administrator
  • Database developer
  • Database designer

Plus, this training course will help students to prepare for certifications in Database Systems, allowing them to acquire validation of their knowledge and move higher into professional careers.

After the successful completion of this Database Management System (DBMS) Training, candidates can find work in organizations that make use of computerized information systems, ranging from educational organization, financial institutions, retail businesses and software companies. The job scopes and prospects are quite good for the Database Management system. In Kathmandu Nepal, there are various companies implementing database systems that require database professionals in their work.

With this Database Management System (DBMS) training, candidates can find work in Nepal and abroad in following countries in following fields:

  • Educational
  • Hospitals
  • Financial institution
  • Retailers and online businesses
  • IT companies

You can as well move into project management of IT fields and other areas which require computing such as system analysis, web development or network management. Plus, there is a very good option of working as a freelancer or starting your own consulting service.


Database management system (DBMS) Training

One of the best quality training I have taken. Really helped to start my career as Database Developer.
I would like to thank our instructor for her keen interest in the growth of our knowledge and skills also for her patience.

Rating: 5
Database management system (DBMS) Training

Totally comprehensive and very applicable knowledge. That’s what I can say about the course. It prepared me to stand out as competent System Administrator. Well done IT Training Nepal!!

Rating: 5

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