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ECommerce Training

Do you want to an eCommerce website for your business? Come with us, we will provide you knowledge on developing eCommerce website even if you don't have any programming knowledge. 

If you need an idea to develop a website where you can put your product or services online for sale, then you may be interested in the eCommerce Training course. The course provides a good knowledge about how eCommerce works, security issues, encryption techniques and online electronic payment system. By the end of the training, you will learn to develop an eCommerce system where you can put your products or services for sale.

This training is especially taken by programmers who wants to develop online shopping carts, online stores, etc.  However, this training course is also designed to address the needs of non-programmers who wants to develop an eCommerce website. Thus, this training will focus on creating an eCommerce system using programming techniques as well as non programming techniques.

How is the eCommerce training delivered?

E-commerce training can be delivered in two modes; programming and non-programming. 


This mode is highly applicable for candidates who don't have any academic degree in IT, yet, wants to develop eCommerce website themselves without gaining programming skills. 

In non-programming mode, students learn to develop eCommerce websites using open source frameworks like Magento, Wordpress, Joomla and Opencart. Joomla framework provide free components like virtue mart to create e-commerce functionality in the application, and Magento itself is an open source e-commerce web application. Like Magento, Open cart is also an open source PHP based e-commerce framework. These frameworks and components provide features to build an e-commerce store. 

However, if you need to customize the built-in features of these frameworks,  then the knowledge of PHP and MySQL programming becomes essential because these frameworks are built in PHP/MySQL platform.Students can learn to develop e-commerce system using PHP and MySQL, Magento, open cart, WordPress, Joomla or various other e-commerce systems.

Programming Mode:

The other way around to develop an eCommerce website is by writing programs in PHP and MySQL platform. In that case, the knowledge of PHP/MySQL programming becomes essential. 

Therefore, as described above, you should decide in what way you want to develop an eCommerce system. If you are a student having academic degree in IT, we strong suggest you to learn PHP and MySQL course before thinking of developing an online store or shopping cart.  Following to that, you can join courses like Magento and Opencart to learn to develop an e-commerce system in an alternative way.


This Ecommerce training course has been designed in a step-by-step method to provide students fundamental knowledge and tools and techniques to implement that knowledge. Ample time and focus will be given to real time work scenario.

The learning objectives of this course are:

  • Learn and identify key concept related to ecommerce; trends, categories, tools and techniques
  • Learn major processes and models in e-commerce system.
  • Learn, identify and implement various Business Models like B2B, B2C, and C2C.
  • Identify and implement various Revenue models
  • Determine and use Transactions, subscriptions, sales, affiliate tools
  • Use Security and encryption
  • Create ecommerce system with php, using in-depth knowledge of PHP, MySQL
  • Incorporate open source framework module, magento, open cart, wordpress, joomla

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand, identify and grasp key concepts of ecommerce.
  • Understand and identify various models, tools, techniques used in ecommerce.
  • Design, develop and implement various models for ecommerce.
  • Develop and use best practices used in ecommerce.
  • Effectively communicate with clients to promote business online.

Who can join ECommerce Training?

This course has been especially designed for those who want to learn about tools and techniques to implement various strategies, models of ecommerce to promote their business online. It is also very beneficial for professionals working in web development to learn about promotion of business of their clients as well for students aspiring to enter into fields of ecommerce.

  • Business owners planning to conduct their business online.
  • Business professionals intending to develop/upgrade their online business skills.
  • Entrepreneurs planning to start an online business.
  • Web developers and web consultants dealing with clients.
  • Students and professional planning to enter in the fields of ecommerce

Prerequisites for joining eCommerce Training

This course doesn’t demand any programming knowledge for attending the training as non-programmer. However, basic knowledge of using computer and general knowledge of Internet is required for non-programmers. For students from IT backgroud, we expect them to have the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, PHP and MySQL. If a student don't have any programming knowledge we will suggest them to attend PHP and MySQL course at first. 


Module 1: Introduction to Ecommerce

  • Introduction to E-Commerce
  • Advantages
  • Business Models in Ecommerce
  • Business to business (B2B)
  • Business to consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
  • Revenue Models
  • Advertising (Google, Yahoo)
  • Subscription (IEEE)
  • Transaction fee (eBay.com)
  • Sales (Amazon.com)
  • Affiliate (mypoints.com)
  • Security and Encryption
  • Denial of service, viruses
  • Https
  • Public Key Infrastructure

Module 2: Creating ECommerce System with PHP

  • In depth knowledge of PHP Programming
  • In depth knowledge of Mysql Database

Module 3: Open source framework Module

  • Working knowledge of Magento Framework
  • Working knowledge of Open Cart
  • Working knowledge of WordPress
  • Working knowledge of Joomla

Ecommerce Developer

This course is best suited for a candidate seeking a career in IT Companies as an e-commerce developer. There is a great scope for candidates having knowledge of e-commerce. Along with this candidates having knowledge of open source e-commerce software like magento, zencart, Oscommerce are in high demand for software companies.


ECommerce Training

I was a freelance Joomla developer and was actively seeking a job. I joined here at IT Training Nepal because the course here is geared up towards jobs. I had very satisfying learning outcome during the training. Now I am working as e-commerce developer.

Rating: 5
ECommerce Training

Many thanks to IT Training Nepal for such a wonderful learning environment and quality course. The project after the training enabled me to work on the knowledge gained during the training.

Rating: 5

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