One day seminar for website development in WordPress

Mr. Umesh Ghimire trained students in developing a website using WordPress technology at CIT Nepal at Bhadrapur Jhapa, during a 1 day workshop on 9th August, 2014.There were around 10 participants from different background who had very little familiarity with web development and its processes. Of those, more than half of them were unknown with WordPress technology. 


The main objectives of the workshop were:

All the equipment and tools were provided by NIC Nepal, however, the instructor was assigned by IT Training Nepal on the mutual understanding between both the institutution. 

Topics Covered

During the Workshop of 2 hours or so presenter discussed on the following areas.

About the Author

Mr. Umesh Ghimire is working as a PHP programmer and web developer at E-Prabidhi Pvt. Ltd. He is also a teaching faculty member at IT Training Nepal. He has been working in WordPress technology since 2 years and is well-acquainted with theme development and customization, plugin development in WordPress.

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