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GO Programming

Interested in learning Go Programming but can't think of a better institute? ITN is here for you providing the very best training for the Go Programming course in Kathmandu. So, what are you waiting for? Come, join us at IT Training Nepal.

Overview of Go Programming and Its Methodology at IT Training Nepal

Go Programming often referred to as Golang is a recent but quite a promising achievement in the world of technology. It is an open-sourced language for fast-moving projects. Until and unless it is specified, Go has stand-alone executables without external dependencies and guarantees of constant behavior over platforms, and has a speed similar to that of Python along with the compiled language of C++.

Go Programming is slowly making its way to the top because of its radiant features like dynamic typing capability, standard library, easy and quick compilation as well as the built-in web server is also quite rapid in terms of development and deployment. Go is reliable for concurrent programs as it makes the writing effective and easier and less susceptible to error.

ITN is home to a large number of individuals aspiring to thrive in today's IT world. Likewise, through the Go Programming training course at ITN, we create individuals who at the end of the overall training will be able to build dependable and efficient software. The meticulous training that we give here at ITN on the Go Programming course will help our candidates to shape up a solid foundation in the Go programming language. Many prominent organizations like BBC World News, SoundCloud, and CloudFlare today are using Go programming.

Who can join go programming?

Anyone who is eager to gain knowledge and experience in programming can join this course. This course is also suitable for candidates who want to create better job opportunities in the future as a developer and programmers.


Candidates should have enough knowledge and understanding of any programming language like C, PHP, Java, etc.

Syllabus Expand All
  • Understanding Go Runtime and Compilation
  • Exploring Keywords and Identifiers
  • Mastering Constants and Variables
  • Essential Operators and Expressions
  • Local Assignments
  • Working with Booleans, Numeric, and Characters
  • Demystifying Pointers and Addresses
  • Manipulating Strings
  • Implementing if-else and switch Statements
  • Utilizing for Statements for Control Flow
  • Counter-controlled Iterations
  • Condition-controlled Iterations
  • Exploring Range Loop
  • Effective Use of break and continue
  • Understanding Parameters and Return Values
  • Comparing Call by Value and Reference
  • Named Return Variables
  • Utilizing Blank Identifiers
  • Variable Argument Parameters
  • Optimizing Code with defer Statements
  • Implementing Recursive Functions
  • Functions as Parameters and Closures
  • Creating Array Literals
  • Manipulating Multidimensional Arrays
  • Understanding Array Parameters
  • Exploring Slices and Slice Parameters
  • Working with Multidimensional Slices
  • Effective Reslicing Techniques
  • Utilizing Maps and Map Parameters
  • Managing Map Slices, Structures, and Structure Parameters
  • Declarations and Usage of Methods
  • Distinguishing Between Functions and Methods
  • Understanding Pointer and Value Receivers
  • Manipulating Method Values and Expressions
  • Exploring Interface Types, Values, and Implementations
  • Effective Use of Type Assertions and Type Switches
  • Method Sets and Interface Implementations
  • Working with Embedded Interfaces and Empty Interfaces
  • Understanding Concurrency vs. Parallelism
  • Creating Goroutine Functions and Lambdas
  • Managing Wait Groups
  • Effective Use of Channels
  • Sending and Receiving Data through Channels
  • Exploring Unbuffered and Buffered Channels
  • Directional Channels and Multiplexing with select
  • Utilizing Timers and Tickers for Timing
  • Organizing Code with Packages and Workspaces
  • Exporting Package Names
  • Import Paths and Named Imports
  • Understanding Package Initializations
  • Handling Error Strategies
  • Utilizing Panic and Recover Mechanisms
  • Best Practices for Package Error Handling
  • Introduction to Regular Expressions
  • Exploring File paths
  • Working with Directories
  • Log/Slog Package
  • Net/HTTP package
  • HTTP Client 
  • HTTP Server
  • Using Database and package 
  • Creating RESTful API in Go
  • Working of GIN, Echo, Fiber, Echo, Iris





  • YSQL Book Management System
  • SlackBot To Calculate Age
  • Slackbot for File Uploading
  • Email Verifier Tool
  • Create an HRMS Fiber 
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I joined ITN for Go Programming course and this lesson has helped me a lot in understanding about programming. The teaching methods are very relevant and to the point. There is no doubt that ITN delivers the first class Go Programming training in Nepal.

Rajesh Siwakoti

The faculty has a team of experts in their respective fields, who are very dedicated and sincere. I am glad that I joined ITN for my Go Programming Course. This is definitely ranked as one of the best computer institutes in Go Programming training in Nepal.

Shailendra Nepal

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