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Groovy Grails Course

Wondering where to get the qualitative amount of training for Groovy and Grails programming course in Nepal? ITN is here to help you soar higher with its outstanding Groovy and Grails training course in Kathmandu.

Short Introduction to Groovy on Grails Programming

Grails is a programming framework of web application that uses Groovy. Groovy is a dynamic programming language that runs on the java virtual machine. Hence, it will be very much easier for individuals with an understanding of Java. It is one of the most powerful languages and has features similar to Python, Ruby, Smalltalk etc. It is quite significant for object oriented programming that supports both dynamic and static typing. Similar to Ruby on Rails, Groovy Grails is a framework with high potential of productivity that follows coding by convention over configuration method. Likewise, Groovy Grails is a very dynamic ecosystem boasting of appropriate documentation, agile methodology which was developed using already existing Java technologies such as Hibernate and Spring. It offers developmental key aspects of the framework with its dynamic features due to which developers can deliver outstanding performance without the hassle of interface implementation. It is proving to be a benchmark in web applications as it mechanizes tedious works leaving developers to create powerful features for many world class projects.

Here at ITN, students get to learn a great deal regarding the basic as well as the advanced aspects of the groovy programming language and grails application framework. We provide comprehensive synopsis on the implication of Groovy language and Grail framework and create rapid world web applications.

We provide quality job-oriented training solutions with a team of expertise in their respective fields. We aim in imparting priceless knowledge and preparing students to face the experience of the real world. We believe in delivering practical trainings that students can actually imply in the long run. 

Important topics to cover in Groovy Grails Course Training

Introduction to Groovy, foundation and fundamentals of groovy, installation, dynamic typing, groovy truths and testing, groovy beans, collections and closures, APIs, integration with JAVA, meta programming, scripting, Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), MOP, testing

Introduction to Grails, installation, convention over configuration, scaffolding, artifacts, dependency injection, GORM controllers, GSPs, URL mapping, grails and spring, plug ins, usability, accessibility and mobility, JavaScript and frameworks, Plugins and web services, resource handling and functional testing (caching, scaling)


  • Basic introduction of groovy and the usage of grails framework to java developers that help in creating innovative web applications.
  • Understanding groovy programming language and grails framework
  • Understanding the interrelationship between Groovy and Java
  • Understanding the differences in languages like Java or C#
  • Understanding key development entailing in developing high quality codes
  • Reduce complexity, build object oriented programs using Groovy
  • Access database and Java classes using Groovy
  • Build web application, server pages
  • Fundamentals of Grails
  • Understanding and implementing Grails applications

Who can join Groovy Grails Course?

Students who are familiar with Java and web application development and has an understanding of basic web technologies and server web development like HTML , HTTP, JavaScript. Candidates willing to seek a career in web development and web-based applications and anyone interested in programming language and sphere can join this course. 



Groovy Grails Course

Joining Groovy Grails here on ITN has helped me a lot in terms of my academic growth and the classes are conducted in such a way that you can grasp easily due to the teaching methodology and the cooperative team of instructors. Now, I am working as a junior mobile engineer.

Rating: 5
Groovy Grails Course

Joining ITN for Groovy Grails course has been really beneficial. It has helped me shape up my career towards becoming a web application developer. The extensive trainings and instructions are incomparable. Anyone who wants to make a bright name in IT world should join ITN.

Rating: 5