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Hibernate Framework

Step in to IT Training Nepal to explore a huge choice among advanced programming courses. ITN has always been pioneer in customizing the programming needs of smart people. We are the best providers of Hibernate Training in Nepal with 10+ years experienced industry experts.

Confused why to learn Hibernate framework? It’s a object-relational mapping framework in Java that maps database with its object. In simple words, it provides a framework to map Java classes to database tables. Mapping is achieved using annotations and XML. Hibernate eliminates the need to write SQL in your application thereby reducing time consumption and complexity.

At the end of this course, experienced Java developers are accomplished with the knowledge to integrate hibernate engine with their application.

How is Hibernate course optimized to best suit Java Developers?

ITN has developed Hibernate course in a way that it meets all kinds of requirements to candidates seeking to learn this course. We allow you to customize your hibernate course needs. For instance, students can learn to integrate hibernate with desktop application or they can integrate it with JSP and servlet. We also teach to integrate hibernate framework with other Java framework such as spring.

Trainer provided by ITN has real-time experience of IT industry and are equally capable in delivering lectures with clarity. We guarantee you 100% satisfactory training programme in Hibernate course.

How is the Hibernate training conducted?

Hibernate training is conducted as a part of Advanced Java package. It is even conducted if a student wishes to enroll in application development with hibernate in Java platform.


The objectives of this course are as follows:

  • Learn Hibernate framework architecture.
  • Learn to set up hibernate engine for application development in Java platform.
  • Learn to map Java classes and database tables, hibernate query language, caching, and more.

Pre-Requisite for Trainees:

  • Candidate willing to join Hibernate course must have good programming skills in Java.
  • Candidate should possess working knowledge of database and SQL programming.
  • Knowledge and ability to write code in object oriented pattern.

If you do not have Java programming concept, we recommend you to join java training course before enrolling into Hibernate framework.


Module 1: Introduction to Hibernate Framework

  • Introduction to Hibernate 3.0
  • Object Relational Mapping
  • Setting Up Hibernate Environment
  • Hibernate Architecture
  • Hibernate Core Classes
  • Configuration Object
  • Session Factory Class
  • Session Object
  • Transaction Object

Module 2: XML Mapping

Module 3: Hibernate Annotations

  • Mapping using Annotation in Entity Class
  • Annotation for mapping Entity and Table
  • Annotation specifying Primary Key
  • Annotation for Mapping Column

Module 4: Hibernate Query Language(HSQL)

  • Select, Update, Delete, Insert Queries
  • Applying Position Placeholder and Named Placeholders