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Hire Joomla Developers

If you are to seeking to hire a Joomla developer, please email us specifying the skills requirement in the Joomla Developer. 

Joomla Developers

Joomla Developers can be categorized according to the skills they possess.

Joomla Administrator

Joomla Administrator are responsible for handing Joomla Administration. They should be capable of using Joomla to develop websites. They are knowledgeable in installing Joomla extensions like templates, modules, components and plugins.

The skills of Joomla Administrator are limited. They may or may not be able to customize CSS and HTML.

Joomla Experts

Joomla Experts are people who can customize all the aspects of Joomla websites. They should be able to customize all design aspects in Joomla. They are capable of integrating custom templates in Joomla. They have knowledge of Object oriented programming and are familiar with the concept of model view controller architecture. Therefore they should also be able to customize PHP codes as required. The experts developers can customize the Joomla modules and components or even develop their own modules and components if necessary.

Hiring Model

Joomla Developer can be hired in two models.

Fixed Work:

Module Based Developement


If you want to hire a dedicated Joomla developer please contact IT Training Nepal. You may either just email your Name and Contact details with the subject of “Hire Joomla Developers and Programmer” to hiring@ittrainingnepal.com OR Call on +977-01-4240005 OR just leave your details in the short form above and submit.