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Hire Web Developers

Are you an outsourcing company looking to hire a web developer from Nepal or freelancer with knowledge in web developement? Are you a Nepal based software company seeking to hire a web developer?

We facilitate your company in hiring a web developer or freelancer adept in developing and maintaining website. We have a large pool of web developers who have completed their web development training from our computer institute and are willing to join IT companies. Moreover, we are still in touch with our ex-students who are now working as professional web developers at various web development companies in Nepal. Therefore, if you or your company have some specific requirement in hiring a web developer or freelancer, please email us the specification, we will response you with some solutions.

However, before hiring a web developer from Nepal, one needs to be clear on different types of website-building professionals. We should understand the nature of the work that the web developer would be doing most of the time. Sometimes people get confused in understanding their job specification and end up hiring a wrong person in the job. So most importantly before hiring we need to understand the roles and responsibilities assigned to them.

A web developer is a person who has the concept of developing and maintaining a website. It means that he has the knowledge of web designing, PHP programming and several process involved in website development. Though he will have the ability to design the website and do the programming stuffs, but he may not be equally good in both of the areas. So if you are looking for a person with an expert skills in designing, you should better hire a web designer or UI designer. If you want to convert the static website into dynamic, the role of PHP programmer becomes more prominent. But if you are looking a person with the mixed role, hiring a web developer would be a better idea.

Things to consider while hiring a web developer or freelancer

There are several qualities we need to look into before hiring a web developer or freelancer.

  • Most of the companies always focus on hiring an experience person, but sometimes this may not be a good idea. Persistence, curiosity, versatility, adaptability and self-starter personality are important characteristics a tech person must have. So it’s always better to hire a beginner with these qualities rather than hiring an experienced web developer.
  • Technology is always evolving, so whatever skills you have now becomes obsolete after few years. One must update his skills as new technologies are introduced. Therefore rather than hiring someone with good skills in specific technologies but do not want to adapt to new technologies, you should look for a web developer who has the aptitude of learning new technologies.
  • He should be able to understand the specification of website, create the design and convert it into dynamic website. Furthermore, he should be able to fix the bug and maintain issues that is seen in the website.
  • One important trait we look in website developer is that he or she should be able to understand the purpose of the website and implement the concept of digital marketing effectively.

Qualification Requirement

If you are considering hiring a web developer, or hiring a dedicated web developer for developing and maintaining websites, you should be aware about the knowledge and skills the developer possess.

Our web developers will have following expertise :

  • Knowledge of Photoshop, HTML, XHTML, and CSS.
  • Good concepts of HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Concepts of slicing and generating templates and writing table less codes.
  • Ability to use JavaScript and integration JQuery.
  • Good concept of programming in PHP, Ajax and XML.
  • Writing PHP in Object Oriented pattern and advanced PHP Technique.
  • Knowledge of MVC Paradigm and MVC based Frameworks like Code Igniter and YII.
  • Strong concepts of database designing and normalized table designing.
  • Knowledge of Content Management Systems like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.
  • Experience in developing websites and custom web applications like e-commerce applications, news portal, job portals, etc.

If you are an offshore company and want to hire a dedicated web developer from Nepal please contact us. You may either just email your name and contact details with the subject of “Hire Web Developers and Programmer” to hiring@ittrainingnepal.com OR call on +977-01-4240005+977-01-4240005, we will reply you immediately.