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IT Training Nepal Pvt. Ltd. arranges hostel facility for out-of-valley students during their stay in Kathmandu for training purposes. Resident is a major problem for students who wishes to travel to Kathmandu for learning advanced software development courses to complete their college project development activities. Residential Training is an ideal option for a candidate who wishes to participate in certification training courses such as CCNA, MCSE, and Oracle and immediately appear for certification exam.

Hostel Facilities

We believe that comfortable resident facility nearby training institute helps you in concentrating more on your studies, maximizing your achievements, while at the same time, benefitting with the venues excellent facilities.

Centre of Kathmandu

IT Training Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is located in the center of the country capital Kathmandu, in Putalisadak, which is also the educational business hub of the city. Kathmandu City Central Bus Stand popularly known as "Purano Bus Park" is only at 5 minutes walking distance away from our training center. From Purano Bus Park, you can find public transport to every corner of the city. In most cases, you do not have to even reach Purano Bus Park; you can easily catch public transport at the gate of the training institute premises. The main market of Kathmandu popularly known as "New Road" is only 10 minutes’ walk away from our training center.

Therefore, staying in our hostel cuts your traveling expenses to major parts of the city. You can reach popular educational institutions, technology supermarkets, departmental stores and shopping malls, tourists’ destinations in few minutes by walking.

Study, Rest, Study....

Sounds quite interesting, isn't it. Because the hostel is within the institute premises, you can immediately return to hostel to take rest after the training session is over. After having some breakfast, you can go back to the institute study hall and then start practicing the lessons you have learned in today's session. 

This will help you to stay away from outside distraction throughout the daytime. All we want is to make your training as much productive as possible.

Intensive Learning Experience

We provide internship facility within the institute where our full time supervisors assists students in doing their college project works. Residential Trainees have an added bonus of intensive learning experience, where learners and trainers have ample of time to discuss problems and reach to a solution. Trainees can also collaborate and share real world examples related to the course with their project supervisors. The intensive learning experience will definitely help students complete their college project work.

High Speed Dedicated Fiber Optics Internet

Internet is the most essential facility you will need during your training period. You will need to download various learning resources such as software, eBooks, which is very frustrating with low broadband internet. We have a high speed Internet facility anywhere within our institute premises. Moreover, you will enjoy 1 Mbps dedicated fiber optics based Internet services during your stay in our hostel.

24 Hours Power Backups

We have a 24 hours power backup facility with the help of 15 KVA Generator along with 3.5 KVA inverter power supply. Even in case of power outage during winter season, you will have continuous power supply. 

Moderate Pricing and Different Plans

We have several plans and pricing for students wishing to stay in our hostel during their residential training.

Accommodation and Food

We provide hostel with accommodation and food services.  There will be a maximum of two to three students staying in a single room. Two beds room will cost a bit higher than three beds room. You can also book a single bed room in that case you will need to pay higher. You will get meals two times a day with breakfast in the morning and tea at daytime.

Accommodation Only

If you need just accommodation arrangements, you can book a room at a very cheap price with us. You can only reserve a room and arrange food by yourself. You can easily find a good hotel nearby our training center serving clean and hygienic food in moderate price.

Benefits of Residential Training

  • Collaborate with several other learners in the institute.
  • Extended trainer support out of training time.
  • Extended practice sessions
  • Relaxation time in between study period.
  • No need to travel to and fro from training to residence.


You need to contact our office administration for details regarding hostel reservations. You can call at 4240005 or 4240390 for more details.