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Internet Network Training

Internet Network course will provide the fundamental concept of internet network and knowledge of tools for administrating and configuring Internet and networks.

Internet has been a vital part in everyone’s life. The internet has a huge source of information. We need information for educational purpose, business purpose and others. Apart information, we communicate with our friends, family members, and client and with other people via emails, Skype and online messengers that is also carried out through Internet. Moreover, Social media have brought people more close than it used to be. Thus all these services are only possible because of Internet.

Not only at home, offices, but these days we have been so relied upon internet on so many things that we need internet services even when we are traveling from one place to other. We access it via mobile phone, laptops and iPhone. Thus the fundamental knowledge of how internet works, how to use Internet to find out useful information, how to use internet securely, what are the more effective means of communication we can use on internet, and other issues related to internet are necessary for every individual.

This training is designed for aspiring individuals having interest network operation and administration and intending to develop fundamental knowledge and practical skills in Internet Networks. So, if you have been searching for training program in Internet Network that you help you build strong foundational knowledge and practical skills, then, you need not to look beyond our training facility located Putalisadak for top quality training program and environment.

With our years of experience in professional expertise in IT sector and with the help of conclusions gathered from discussion with industry experts and educational providers in IT, we have developed a course syllabus that uses practical learning approach and delivers job based knowledge.

Network and Internet course gives full insight about the terminologies related to network and Internet like www, domain names, http, ftp, pop, SMTP, IP address, wide area network, wifi etc.


  • To develop basic understanding of technologies and protocols used in the Internet.
  • To be able to effectively use elementary internet tools like web-based applications, e-mail and other social networking applications
  • To be able to manage security issues and configuring them.
  • To be able to allocate domain name systems.
  • To be able to allocate and configure bandwidth to various users.
  • To manage webserver, use control panels and upload websites.
  • To learn fundamental IT support skills like installing, configuring and troubleshooting network systems and hardware.
  • To learn and develop habit of researching technology, provide support and learn new scenarios in technology.

Who can join Internet Network Training?

This course has specially designed to provide fundamental concepts and skills about Internet and Network. Prior knowledge of basic computer operation and features of Internet tools and technology are required for this training.

This course will be very beneficial for job seekers in the fields of Internet and Network. The following careers can be carved after this training:

  • IT support Officer
  • Technical Support Officer
  • Internet System Administrator
  • Network System Administrator


Module 1: Internet Network Training

  • Types of network
  • Network connectivity options
  • IP Address
  • File server, email server, database server
  • Internet
  • How Internet works
  • Internet Bandwidth
  • www
  • http, smtp, pop, ftp
  • Domain Naming System
  • Managing web server
  • Using Control Panel
  • Creating email addresses
  • Uploading websites

This training equips with the basic knowledge of Internet and networking. Networking jobs is in high demand in Nepal and worldwide. Good networking personnel can find jobs in various industries like entertainment and sport.

If you are looking to start a firm career in computer networking, you can choose to acquire professional certifications in networking courses like Cisco. Employers seek to hire personnel with validated skills and degrees Thus, a certified network professional will have a competitive advantage while seeking job among others.

IT Training Nepal is an authorized learning partner for providing Cisco Certifications. If you are interested in certification courses in networking, visit our computer training center in Kathmandu to know more on it. 


Internet Network Training

It is a wonderful course for anyone seeking to build careers in web technology. I personally had fabulous time here. I am now working as Web Administrator in ---- company.

Rating: 5
Internet Network Training

I wanted to join this course hoping that it will help me better utilize my resources in my office. Thanks to IT Training Nepal, I have gained valuable knowledge about web technology and operations of internet systems.

Rating: 5
Internet Network Training

The training on internet network provided me the knowledge of protocols, how they work and the ethical, social issues related to internet use and skills like installing, error handling etc. For me who had a little or no knowledge at all about the functionality of internet, IT Training Nepal provided me the guidance as a basic step in the computer field. This helped me even more to increase my interest on other web courses.

Rating: 5