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Java Course in Fast Track

Are you Interested in joining fast track courses in Java? Are you in search of computer training institute for learning Java course in fast track? Are you a programmer working in platform other than Java and wish to learn Java from professionals in your own pace? 

We have seen that many students come to Kathmandu for few days and wish to learn some useful stuffs, however, due to time constraints they are unable to join in long courses. They start searching a computer institute for Java training in Kathmandu that will provide classes based on their preferences. However, in many cases it becomes impossible to find institute offering courses based on individual preferences. 

IT Training Nepal is the right place to begin with. We provide all kinds of learning mode to individuals based on their choice. We have successfully conducted Java course in fast track mode to individual seeking to learn Java in a week. We have also conducted project based Java training in fast track to college graduates who wishes to complete their end semester project work to fulfill the partial requirement of their undergraduate degree. 

Why to choose our computer institute for Java course?

IT Training Nepal is the only institute in Nepal to offer fast track training in Java along with live projects. Although the course syllabus will be delivered in fast track, we guarantee training to be of top quality. Classes are conducted by industry practitioners having years of teaching experience. Thus, the course is guaranteed to be highest quality. Charges are also reasonable compared to the training standard. 

The good thing about our institute is that we hear student queries with the highest interest and respond them immediately. We provide all kinds of  training solution to learners. IT Training Nepal has good links with software companies in Kathmandu. Competent students are guaranteed job after the completion of the course.  

How is the fast track Java course designed?

The course is modeled in a way so that there is in-depth coverage on basic and advanced concepts, while taking into consideration that the syllabus gets completed in 15 days along with real time projects. The course plan is devised taking into account all the current practices followed in Java development work.

The course focusses on covering all the important topics one should know to complete the project work. Fast track Java training does not mean that we escape the course syllabus, rather we cover important things first that help you to develop software applications. 

How is fast track Java course conducted?

Fast track Java course are conducted in the morning shift, and evening shift. Classes are conducted on one-to-one basis or in group. The classes runs for 3 hours daily and 1 hour practice session is also allocated. The total number of hours can be customized as per the requirement. Classes are conducted on weekend as well. Study materials are provided by the trainer after each session.


The objective of fast track Java course is to enable learners to get acquainted with Java programming concepts  and equip them with skills to complete a real time project in short time duration. 

Who can join Java Course in Fast Track?

If you are a beginner seeking a career in Java, then this may not be the right choice for you. We suggest freshers to develop their Java foundation by enrolling into core Java course at first. However, learners with prior experience of programming can consider fast track Java course training to quickly get hold of Java development practices and prepare themselves for any career opportunity in Java.

Engineering, BIM, BIT, BSCcsit, BCA and other computer degree graduates that require to submit their final year project work or any project work within a month or two can enroll in fast track Java course with the objective to deliver the project. 

Prerequisties before joining fast track Java course

Students seeking to join fast track Java course should have good logical skills so that they can cover the syllabus in short duration. They should have little programming base of C or C++ and understand the basic database concepts. 


Career Opportunity and Scope after learning Java course

The scope of Java is alwayis on the rise. This means that learns with good skills in Java can create good opportunity for themselves. 

  • Learner can demonstrate their Java programming skills and join software development company as a Java developer.
  • Students can also take their career towards mobile applcation development.