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Java Project

Java is one of the most important and fundamental programming language along with C and C++. It is very widely used in programming; online games, chatting applications, animation and flash software as well many other computing application/software.  Hence, Java is among top programming language and platform used by developers around world.
A Java project contains source code and associated files that are nestled by programming logic to form a java program for serving a specific application purpose. The associated Java builder that a Java project has can incrementally compile Java source files as they are changed.
A model of contents in a Java project contains the information about the type hierarchy, references and declaration of Java elements.
A Java project can be organized in two different ways:
•    First, using the project as source container, it is generally used for simple project
•    Second, suing source folders inside the project as the source container, it is generally used for more complex projects

During the training, we provide fundamental knowledge of C and C++ for 1 week especially for non IT students. Then, 1 week java basics and only then we will move onto framework. We provide 1 week theoretical and practical knowledge on framework. After that 1 week is dedicated for each of mysql, database connectivity and IDE (netbeans and eclipse).