Article Tabs

The Article Tab module provides an easy way to display articles in tabs. The module is very helpful to display news or events in the website. The module will allow rendering categories in tab headers and display articles inside the tab pane.

Article Tabs module can be configured easily. After installing the module, you can just define a new position for the module and publish the module to see its effect.

Main Features:

Compatibility and Version Updates:

The module is compatible with Joomla 3.0 version. We will produce newer version after updation.

Installation Instruction and Usage


You can download the module via this link


If you find any difficult while using the module, you can write to us at or contact us via our contact form.

Contributor Note: The Article Tab module is basic version that has been developed by the instructors at IT Training Nepal while demonstrating students on how to create a Joomla Module. Before developing Joomla module, students are expected to have the concept of MVC in PHP.

If you want to develop more advanced version of Joomla Tab, or view more professional versions at E-Prabidhi

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