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Training Enquiry Module – Joomla Extension


The training enquiry module developed in Joomla is for gathering all the inquiries related to training.

The training inquiry module will display a contact form in the joomla website. It is especially designed for the training companies who want to list their training courses in the contact form. Courses can be added dynamically through the module

The contact form can be added in every pages for quick enquiry.

Compatible : 2.5

Usage Instruction:

- Click on “Extension manager” under the “Extensions” menu
- Choose the downloaded “mod_training_enquiry” file and Press “Upload & Install”.

Configuring Parameters

Training module enquiry parameters

Training Courses: Put the course listing as php,java,asp.net,ruby . It will be displayed in the drop down box in the front end.
Email Recipient: The email id of the person or company who receives the email.
Originating Website Email: The email id of the company website. In most cases, it will be the same as the email id who will receive the inquiries.
Auto Message: The auto reply text that will go to the receiver as soon as he sends the inquiry.

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