MERN Stack Training in Kathmandu

MERN Stack training is designed for individuals who have basic understanding of web development and are interested in full stack application development using JavaScript. In MERN Stack Training you will learn both backend and frontend application development using JavaScript. In this training you will learn about the MERN components (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js) and their roles in web development. Upon completion of this course you can work as a MERN Stack JavaScript developer. There is a great demand for MERN stack JavaScript developer. React and Node are a good combination for full stack application development.

What you will learn in MERN Stack Training?

In MERN you will learn MongoDB which is classified as NOSQL document-oriented database. Data in MongoDB is stored in JSON based query language. In MongoDB you will learn Data modeling using JSON documents, CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) with Mongoose ODM (Object Data Modeling), Querying data using the MongoDB Query Language. It is flexible and easy to scale. Another component you will learn is Express.js popularly known as backend web application framework. It is used as server-side framework for Node.js. The main use of Express.js it to build REST APIs for data management, Route handling (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE), Middleware for handling requests and responses, Error handling practices. Another component of MERN course is React.js which is JavaScript library popular to build user interface and interactivity on the client side. Students will learn some core concepts like Components (building blocks of UI), JSX syntax (combining HTML with JavaScript), State management for dynamic UI updates, Props for passing data between components. Some of the popular web applications like Facebook extensively uses react in the frontend for interactivity. React was first introduced by a developer in Facebook. React is an alternate to Angular JS (a frontend application development framework) which differentiates MERN from MEAN course. Node.js is a cross platform JavaScript runtime environment used to build scalable network applications. Finally, students will learn about the integration of React frontend to Express backend APIs. Concepts of Redux is introduced for complex state management.

How the course is designed?

 MERN stack training course is designed to fulfill the requirement of software companies in Nepal. The syllabus of this course is designed with the help of industry experts working as a full time MERN developers in software companies of Nepal. ITN has a strong collaboration with popular software companies in Nepal. Thus to match the increasing demand of MERN developers, ITN has developed the curriculum to cater the specific requirements of the Nepali software industry. A candidate successfully completing the training can apply for a full time job as a MERN developer. 

Advantage of studying MERN Stack Training

There are lots of advantages of studying MERN for full stack application development.

  • Full stack development with one language: Developers just need to focus on one particular language to develop both front-end and back-end. This eliminates the need of learning a separate language to develop the backend which was previously a common practice.
  • High Demand: MERN developers are in high demand. Companies are looking for developers with knowledge of React and Node.
  • Scalability and Performance: Node.js and MongoDB are known for developing scalable web applications.
  • Modern User Interface: React.js developed by Facebook for its interactivity in useful to develop interactive user interfaces which enhances the overall user experience.
  • Open Source and Large Community: The technologies used in MERN are all open source and the large community support makes it more resourceful.
  • Easy to learn: It is easy to learn if you are familiar with the syntax of JavaScript or C.

Benefits of learning MERN stack training at ITN

  • Learn under the guidance of industry experts.
  • Tailored to meet the need of the software companies in Nepal.
  • Become practically sound with our hands-on training approach.
  • Do projects under the supervision of our intern supervisors.
  • Become a part of collaborative learning environment with a small group size where you will get individual attention.
  • Get career guidance after the successful completion of your training and internship.
  • Learn MERN stack training at a competitive price.


If you want to study MERN stack developer course then you need to have a basic understanding of web along with HTML and CSS. However, it is necessary to have a good understanding of Object Oriented Programming. If you are an existing backend application developer and want to switch to MERN then it will be very easy for you to understand the course.

Duration : 2.5 months

Syllabus Expand All
  1. Introduction of JavaScript and Browser
  2. Code Structure
  3. The modern mode
  4. Variables
  5. Data Types
  6. Type Conversions
  7. Operators
  8. Comparisons
  9. Interaction: alert, prompt, confirm
  10. Conditional operators: if, ?
  11. Logical operators
  12. Loops: while and for
  13. The switch statement
  14. Functions
  15. Function expressions and arrows
  16. Javascript specials
  1. Node and Nodemon server setup
  2. IO and Reusability
  3. Requiring and Yargs
  4. CLI Interaction
  5. Debugging with IDE and Chrome Dev Tools
  6. Arrow functions
  7. Using Third-party modules
  8. Working with JSON
  1. Async Basics
  2. Call Stack Event Loop
  3. Callback Functions APIs
  4. Pretty Printing Objects
  5. HTTP
  6. Encoding Input
  7. Callback Errors
  8. Abstracting Callbacks
  9. Working with API
  10. Chaining Callbacks
  11. ES6 Promises
  1. Introduction to Express JS
  2. Creating a Web Server
  3. Rendering Templates with Data
  4. Advanced Templating
  5. Express Middleware
  1. Mocha and Basic Testing
  2. Testing Express Applications
  3. Using Assertion Library
  4. Organizing Test Cases
  5. Testing Asynchronous Code
  6. Test Spies
  1. MongoDB and Robomongo Installation
  2. Connecting and Writing Data in NoSQL
  3. ObjectID, Fetch, Delete, Update Data
  4. Mongoose ORM
  5. Validators Types and Defaults
  6. REST API with HTTP methods
  7. Mongoose Queries
  1. JWT and Hashing
  2. Auth Tokens and Headers
  3. Private Routes and Auth Middleware
  4. Seeding Database
  5. User Login and Logout
  1. Async Await Basics
  2. Real-world Async Await Example
  1. Version Control with Gitlab
  2. Working with Postman

A complete application using MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js


The training can be completed within a duration of 2.5 to 3 months. However, it might take some more time to gain proficiency in the language.

Along with the rise in the use of web based application, the scope of MERN developers is very high both in Nepal and abroad. There are lots of job prospects in this area.

For beginners they normally get NRs. 25000 per month as a starter. However after having an experience of 2-3 years their salary range will increase above NRs. 50000.

MERN stack course is not very hard to learn and master. You just need to know about one language which is used in both frond-end and back-end development. MERN makes the overall development process smooth and easy.

Yes, you can learn MERN Stack on your own. There are various online resources available to help you. Moreover since it is open source so it is backed by a large community which makes the learning process easier. However, joining a professional training center like ITN can be advantageous since you can accomplish the training within a short span of time. Moreover, you will also get an opportunity to do internship under the supervision of our industry experts.

Yes students will develop mini projects during the course and a comprehensive project will be assigned after the completion of the course, where they have to use all the technologies and concepts learned in the training

They are industry experts working in the real time environment with years of working experience in the same field.

It can cost somewhere around NRs. 25000 to NRs. 35000 or above for a course with a duration of 2.5 to 3 months. However, at ITN you can learn this course at a very competitive price.
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I joined IT Training thinking of doing some application development course. After learning about the scope and career opportunities of MERN stack training, I decided to join the training. The trainer was very good and taught us in practical approach. I also did a comprehensive project after the completion of the training. Now, I am working as a junior full stack developer in one of the software company.

Ramesh Gautam

I wanted to become a full stack web developer. I already had basic foundation of programming. After I join ITN for MERN stack training, it helped me to make gain good insights on how application is developed. Upon completion of the training, I am able to work as a full stack developer. I would like to thank ITN for providing me such a good platform to enhance my knowledge through their training and internship program.

Suman Pradhan

I was very much fund of JavaScript from the very beginning. I was familiar with the interactivity that this language provided while developing web applications. After I joined MERN Stack Training at ITN, I was exposed to the advanced concepts that could be accomplished using JavaScript library and framework. I am very much satisfied with the delivery and the overall methodology of the training at ITN.

Avinash Gurung

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