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Object Oriented PHP Course

Object Oriented PHP Training explains how to write programs in object oriented pattern. This course explains fundamental principles of object oriented programming, and further explains how to write code using this programming paradigm. 

This course is specially intended to develop a strong base in web programming. Students interested to learn course are initially taught to write code in procedural way. After they become capable to create applications in procedural way, the next step they can take is to learn to write code that is flexible to change, maintainable and reusable. 

Most of the open source frameworks coding are written in object oriented format. Therefore, if someone ask you to develop a project in those framework, the concept of object oriented programming becomes necessary. 

Why us for Object Oriented PHP Programming?

At IT Training Nepal, we just don't teach how to write programs in object oriented way. We also teach the best practices that can be followed while writing programs in object oriented pattern. 

How is Object Oriented PHP course conducted?

If you studied the basic package course with us, then we continue object oriented PHP programming as specified in this course syllabus. If you are thinking to attend object oriented training directly with us, we first make sure that you have all the necessary concepts to begin with. If you lack the necessary concepts before joining this course, we first equip you with the required knowledge and then proceed with the training.

After completing Object Oriented Training, a real-time project is assigned to students. Student have to complete the project in object oriented pattern.

The training is available in fast track mode as well as normal mode.

Fast Track Mode: In fast track mode, object oriented programming concept can be delivered in a week time.

Normal Mode: It usually take a month time to complete the course including the project work.


  • To learn the concepts of grouping similar tasks into classes.
  • To learn object oriented features like inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction, etc.
  • To learn to write reusable, flexible and maintainable programs.

Who can join Object Oriented PHP Course?

  • Programmers who can program in procedural pattern.
  • Any fresh graduates who wants to acquire advanced programming skills.


Students who have good working knowledge of procedural programming can join this course. Without the basic concepts, it becomes difficult to understand object-oriented pattern.


Module 1: Fundamental of Object Oriented Programming

  • Concept of Classes
  • How to create Objects
  • Writing Properties and Methods
  • Use of Public, Private and Protected in methods and Properties
  • Constructor Function and Destructor Function
  • Encapsulation, Polymorphism
  • Concept of Parent Class and Child Class
  • Inheritance using Extend Function
  • Function Overriding
  • Use of Static Keyword
  • Use of Final Keyword
  • Concept of Interface
  • Concept of Scope Resolution Operator
  • Referencing Parent Classes
  • Writing Abstract Classes and Interface.
  • Autoloading Class
  • Destroying Objects
  • Object Serialization

Module 2: Exception Handling

  • Concept of Exception
  • Basic Use of Exception
  • Handling Exception with Try, Throw and Catch Blocks
  • Use of finally
  • Creating a Custom Exception Class
  • Exception handling with multiple catch block
  • Throwing exception multiple times
  • Default Exception

Module 3: Implementation of Object Oriented Pattern

  • Creating Database Connection in OOP
  • Inserting, Updating, Deleting and Retriving data in Object Oriented Way
  • Sessions in OOP
  • Image upload OOP
  • Emailing Concept using OOP
  • Pagination in OOP

Module 4: PDO Concepts

The main advantage of learning PDO is that you don't need change the connection string and database function for each databases. PDO supports all the major databases.

  • Introduction to PDO
  • Creating a PDO Connection
  • Switching database system
  • Inserting Data using PDO
  • Query and Reading Results
  • Various modes of Fetching result
  • Editing Data using PDO
  • Deleting Data using PDO
  • Prepared Statements
  • Using named and position Placeholders
  • CRUD operation using prepared statements

After completion of the course, you can take the following career paths.

  • Web Developer
  • Framework Developer

Or, you can further learn MVC Frameworks and enhance your skills as well. Learn more about the advantage of MVC design pattern in its advanced version of training.


Object Oriented PHP Course

If you are trying to learn Object Oriented PHP and want to have quality learning environment, I would definitely recommend IT Training Nepal, based on my recent experience with them. I myself had very fruitful time while taking training.

Rating: 5
Object Oriented PHP Course

I have bought books, read online but the training I have taken here is best among them. I was able to develop my fundamentals and now I am able to standardize my code in object oriented pattern and more efficient in my coding sequence.

Rating: 5

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