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Online Examination System

Online Examination also called OES in short, is a Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) based examination system. It offers Test Conductors, the Students and Administrators the flexibility and ease to perform the act of examination. Test conductors are people responsible for preparing and conducting text, administrators are the people responsible for management of users, subject, tests, results and data backup and recovery and students are candidate taking examination.

Online Examination System will help to conduct online examination. This web based application can be used by colleges, universities, training institutes, professional examination centers. Examination can be conducted on site or offsite i.e. remotely via internet. These types of applications are mainly driven by time. The whole examination timeline is defined upfront. A candidate can only take exam during the defined time duration. As soon as the time duration ends the examination is closed and user is redirected to a thank you page.

The features of online examination system widely vary based on the examination type to be conducted. Some of the popular features of online examination system that our students consider while developing applications are mentioned below:

  • create categories so that a user can take exams of different categories
  • add questions on different categories
  • add multiple answers for a question and select the correct answer
  • registration facility for a user to participate on the exam
  • display the questions randomly based on the level of the examination e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced.
  • keep track of the time for a particular question, if the time exceeds the examiner will be directed automatically to another question by the system.
  • keep track of the time duration of the whole quiz and as soon as the time exceeds the user will be driven to a thank you page showing the result of the examiner instantaneously.
  • We can also give a facility to the user to view all the examinations given in the past and go through the answers given. This helps an examinee to know the weak areas.
  • analysis tool to show the result trend for eg. percentage of the user who have scored high

There are also various benefits of conducting the examination online. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • The student don’t have physically present for examination.
  • The evaluation process is predefined making it more authenticate and trustworthy
  • Reduction in operation cost as system automatically checks and generates results
  • Monitoring of examinee and examination procedure
  • Instant result and reviewing of answers

Available Projects:

Online Quiz

IT Training Nepal
Student Name : Ishwor
Student College : White House College

Online quiz system is used for students who want to test their skills in a particular area. The project is developed in such a way that it randomly displays the question from a set of pre-recorded questions for a particular topic. As soon as the candidate selects the answer and clicks proceed button another question will be displayed. For each of the quiz, the time is recorded and the candidate will be locked for the quiz after the time is over. Result is displayed at the end showing the correct and incorrect answers selected for the particular quiz. Registered users can later see their score and the quiz they have participated afterwards.

Online Examination System

IT Training Nepal
Student Name : Gahendra Ranjit
Student College : NCCS

Project Description: This is a Demo Project for conducting online exam. The system is developed during his internship period.

Project Features:

The project has 3 types of users. One is the system administrator, second one is the college administrator, and last one is the students. User can register in the system as college administrator or student.

System Administrator
The main features of system administrator is listed below:

i. View Users: This section will display the user who register as college administrator or users. By default all the user are activated first. Administrators have the authority to deactivate the user.

College Administrator:
The main features of college administrator is listed below:

i. Create Exams: Exams are created according to the faculties and semesters. Exams are created between specified dates.
ii. Add Question: Questions are prepared for every subject.
iii. Setting the question papers: Questions are selected from the question bank and a question paper is set. The time duration for each exam paper can be set.
iv. View Question Set: College admin can view their own question set according to the faculty.
v. Manage Students: The student account can be edited, deactivated as required.

After the students login, he/she can use the following features

i. Exam: Student can give exam if the exam is currently running
ii. Mark sheet: Student can view and print the exam result.
iii. Settings: Student can manage his account information like password.