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Online News Portal

Online news portal is one of the popular web based application mostly used by media houses. Today, every media house who publishes news on paper media also runs a news portal simultaneously to attract visitors or make a base of subscribers. Along with media house individuals and organizations also seem to keep a lot of interest in launching a news portal since it is also a means to generate revenue via advertisements. The main objective of a news portal is to disseminate information around the world in an easy way. Some of the popular news portals around the globe are bbc.com, cnn.com, nytimes.com, imesofindia.indiatimes.com, ekantipur.com, onlinekhabar.com.

Popular sections like video interviews, current affairs, expert views, sports, international news, national news, politics, economy, finance, entertainment, horoscope, forex, polls are common in every news portal. Some news portals also publish recent news in the form of rss, podcast which will help users to find alternative ways of subscribing news.

Available Projects:

Online News Portal

IT Training Nepal
Student Name : Sanjay Shakya
Student College : Nagarjuna College of IT

The project was developed for the partial fulfillment of the TU project work for Bachelor in Information Management final semester.

Technology Used: PHP/Mysql, WAMP Server, DreamWeaver as a Text Editor


  1. Latest news (IT News)
  2. Online vacancy announcement
  3. Online advertisement
  4. Polling facilities
  5. Newsletter Subscription

Multi-language News System

IT Training Nepal

About the Author

Mr. Rajiv Shrestha is the mind behind the project. He is a bachelor degree holder in Bachelor in Computer Application.

Project Description of Multi-language News System

Multi-language new system is a news system that allows you to create and display news in multiple language

Features of the project

  • Add/Delete/Display News
  • Add/Edit/Delete Category
  • Comment
  • Add News in Multiple language.

Sporting News Website

IT Training Nepal