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Online Reservation System

An online reservation system essentially uses computer and internet to store and access the stored information and conduct transactions related to various activities like travel, hotels or other rental services. It has simplified the jobs for many organization and individual requiring booking systems greatly. You can now book hotel in Afghanistan or New York City just by browsing related web or call a rented car at your service at any time. With the growth of technology in commerce and business, this trend of online reservation is becoming very popular and providing luxury to individuals and business organization.

Mostly online reservation system are used by airlines companies, travel tour companies, hotels, etc.

Airline reservation system

This system gives real-time information about flight schedules, airline fare, customer reservation details and ticket records. The system will display the availability of flight ticket on specified date. Customers can even check available seats in different booking classes.  Airline reservation system has made people job of buying flight tickets easier by allowing online reservations through internet or mobile application.

Travel and Tour Reservation System

A software application that allows travel industry to sell tour packages online. It will allow travelers to book tour packages through web. Many travel companies around the world use travel and tour reservation system to make it easier for their client to sell packages online. 

Hotel Reservation System

Hotel Reservation system stores and displays information of hotels and resorts. Through these system, hotel manager can upload their hotel details, room rates and availability information. Visitor can choose the hotel based on their feasibility and reserve them online. The system will facilitate travel agencies to make hotel reservation for their clients.

Vehicle Reservation System

Vehicle reservation online will allow customer to reserve vehicle of their choice through internet. The application keeps the information of the type of vehicle, its availability details and rates. Customer can then choose the vehicle class and checks the availability on the specific dates. The vehicle will be reserved for the customers upon payment confirmation by the application.

Movie Ticket Reservation and Booking System

This system facilitates viewers to book ticket for cinema halls and theater online from anywhere, anytime. It will eliminate the need to lineup at the ticket counter. The system keeps the details of ongoing and upcoming movies which is displayed to the customers. User can select the movie, date, timings, number of tickets, etc. You can even view the available seats and decide the seating position to get the best viewing angle. Finally user can make payment online for reservations. Implementing movie ticket reservation and booking system in cinema halls will automatize online buying and selling of tickets. 

Benefits of Online Booking System

  • Creates higher proximity to prospective clients
  • Offers more professional look to your business
  • Provides tools for evaluation of operations which will in turn help to formulate plans and set short term and long term goals.
  • Reduces operational costs and saves time
  • Provides instant access and preference to clients
  • Convenient and fast for customers
  • Increases sales
  • Helps to filter sales through available channels.
  • Efficient selling and buying activities as the system is managed through single point.
  • Helps to track sales campaign.

Available Projects:

Online Bus Reservation System

IT Training Nepal
Student Name : Sujata Basnet
Student College : Islington College

The system mainly has two modules:

  • Booking Module: Customer can book tickets and booking verification details are send through email. Booking information is displayed in the administrative section. Customer can make the payment and the ticket is confirmed. Payment information is tracked at the administrative section. Customer can see the bus ticket purchase history as well.
  • Bus Module: Administrator will manage bus details, route information, seats, price, images, etc. Customer will see the bus details and seats availability.

Movie Ticket Online Reservation System

IT Training Nepal
Student Name : Rajan Silwal
Student College : Kathmandu Engineering College

The system has various modules, they are: 

  • Customer Module: Visitors registers to make online booking and pays after registration.
  • Hall Module: This module keeps the information about multiplexes inside the cinema halls. It will then manage information about the number of seats in each of the multiplexes.
  • Booking Module: It keeps the booking information of movie by users at the administrator end. On the user end, visitors can view and manage the movie details they have booked.

The system will basically have two ends:

  • Administrator section: Administrator will login into the system by providing authentication details. Administrator will then save the information related to movie, seats and payment. Administrator have the privilege to insert, update and delete all kinds of information related to movie, seats and payments.
  • User section: User will login into the system using the username and password provided to them. They can then book a movie. They can see all the movies they have currently booked. They can also see the movie they have watched in the past and their payment details.