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Phone Book

Phone Book application is one of the most popular application and is being used in most of the devices these days like mobiles, smartphones and business organizations. Whether you are at office or at home, you will always have access to your contacts. The main objective of phonebook application is to locate an address of a person or an organization in very less amount of time. For example, we can locate a particular person by name, address, email, phone or a location. In case of an organization we can also provide a facility to enter the latitude and longitude of a location to exactly trace the organization in Google map.

There are different types ways to manage contact details of people, businesses, organizations, etc. Some of them are listed below:

Contact Management Software

Contact Management Software or address book manages contact details of customers in one central location. Rather than maintaining customer records in papers or files, the information is stored in the contact management software application. This allows companies to share contact information with employees, co-workers and management. 

Online Business Directories 

Yellow Pages

Yellow pages list telephone number of businesses, organizations and companies arranged alphabetically within each category. Yellow pages is traditionally thought as printed version of contact details of businesses. The paper-based yellow pages were printed once in a year. These days, yellow pages refers to online business directories. Online Yellow Pages are also called as IYP(Internet Yellow Pages).

User can register in the website and put their company details in the business directory. Some yellow pages allow user to put their business details even without registering into the website. However, the administrator verifies the details submitted by the business owner and then approves it to get published in the website. Almost every Internet Yellow Pages offer online advertising.

White Pages

The white pages in a phone book generally maintains the personal contact details such as mobile number, land-line number and street addresses. The contact details are arranged in an alphabetic way with the sur name at the first. 

Blue Pages

These are another types of pages in a phone book where important telephone number are listed. They include phone numbers of government offices, local police stations, hospitals, ambulances. Most of the phone number can be dialed without any charges.

All of the above online business directories are free to use by general people. Anyone can access these pages and search business or people. 

Features of Phone Book or Contact Manager

  • Manage contacts and groups
  • Search phone number by name, location, etc.
  • Save Zip Code, Area code, country code.
  • Create Profile of contacts.
  • Find contact based on geographical locations.
  • Shows birthday of contact.
  • Authentication based on user name and password.

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Phone Book

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The key features in this phone book is as follows:

  • Adding personal information like name, mobile, email, city, street, etc.
  • Adding personal contact to groups.
  • Adding business details like identity, cell, fax, email, website, etc.
  • Managing business according to specific category.
  • Send SMS to contacts in phone book

Online Address Book

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Online Address Book contains the phone numbers, email, location details and other contact information. You can retrieve them from any part of the world anytime.

The key component of this address book is that:

  • Segment users into specific group
  • Store unlimited number of contacts for free
  • Locate contacts according to the hierarchy of management in organization
  • Send instant messages to your contact using email feature 

Online contact management system

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Contact Management system helps you store and find customer contact details such as names, phone number and location from one place. The system will maintain all information and communication activities related with each contacts. The software can be used in the organization to maintain client details. It will will help to produce new sales leads and marketing strategy for your organization.

The key feature of this contact management system is as follows:

  • Create individual client account
  • Import and export multiple contacts
  • Send emails to client listed in contact details
  • Manage document of clients
  • Manage meeting schedule and appointments with clients
  • Manage notes and conversation with clients.

Online Business Directory

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The important features of online business directory are as follows:

  • Create categories of businesses.
  • Register users and business profiles
  • Add business to each categories
  • Search business based on location, company name, etc.