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Student Management System

Student information system(sis) or student management system(sms) or student information management system(sims) is a software built basically to manage data and information about students in any educational institutions. Implementing SIS in such areas makes it easier for administration to undertake student tests, govern student schedules and attendance and in whole, make the data management of students systematic and effective.

SIS can vary greatly from managing small organizations to wide enterprises. Nonetheless, the basic functions of an SIS can be best pointed out as follows:

  • Maintaining profiles of students and their prospective views.
  • Recording and classifying questions and suggestions from students.
  • Managing the admission and enrollment procedures.
  • Managing teaching faculties, schedules, rules.
  • Recording student assessments and attendance.
  • Recording student health records.
  • Recording financial data like fees, scholarships etc.
  • Keeping salary information for the staffs.
  • Maintaining student Extra Curricular Activities
  • Managing transportation, canteen and other fields of administration.
  • Hostel and boarding house management.
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) services.

Available Projects:

Student Management System

IT Training Nepal
Student Name : Sandeep

This  application was  developed by Mr. Sandeep which deals with the student records . It gives the brief introduction of the students to manage them acccording to the courses, classes and so on.

Student Information System for Training Institute

IT Training Nepal


About the author

Mr. Karan Sah is the developer of this application. He is a student of Bachelor in Computer Engineering from National Institute of Technology, India.

Project Description

Training Institute student Information system is a customized application that manages student data in training center. The application is developed to automatize the process in a training institute.

Project Features

  • Handle inquiry send by prospective students
  • Manage student admissions 
  • Manage enrollment data
  • Create groups
  • Provide statistical report
  • and many more.....