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Terms and Conditions

  • Fees are non-refundable once the student admits in a course. Fees are non-transferable to new courses. A new admission is required for a new course.
  • There will be test exams once in a week according to the time and schedule settle by the teachers, exam result will show the performance of students.
  • Payment have to be done in strict timeline otherwise classes will be halted, and IT Training Nepal will not be responsible for the missed classes.
  • Students should be aware of the attendance and punctuality after they are enrolled for the training, if a student misses a class due to some reason; it is the responsibility of the students to cover the miss classes. They have to arrange time with the trainer themselves.
  • Students should maintain discipline during their training session. Usage of mobiles, headphones are not allowed inside the training hall.
  • Normal training duration will be 2 hours every day from Sunday to Friday.  Instructor will demonstrate theoretically and practically for 1 hr and remaining 1hr will be allocated for practice session where students will be assigned to do some course work. Special class hour may be designated by the staff.
  • Students should submit their assignment compulsorily. Evaluation will be done on basis of assignments, class participation and project works. If a student fails in the evaluation, certificate will not be provided.
  • Student will be responsible for the damage of assets they make during the training.
  • Any immoral and unethical behavior will be strictly prohibited within the institute premises.
  • During the off period of classes the students will be informed.
  • We request the students to take care of their belongings while they are in the training center. In case of any lost items, the institute will not be responsible for it.