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Website Templates

Students at IT Training Nepal are taught to develop website templates during the web design training course. These design are created by them as a part of their web design project work. 

Project Work after training on Website Template Designing

Creating a web template requires sequential steps like designing layout which involves optimizing fonts, frames, graphics and color management as well as basic operations and designing in an HTML. This requires a lot of effort and time. We offer in-depth knowledge required to create web templates starting from color scheme, configuring navigation, developing mock design, creating page in HTML, CSS styling and formatting as well as editing templates.

Features of the templates

  1. Should be editable
  2. Should be compatible with html editors
  3. Coding should be structured, and it should not alter the structure of template when content is inserted into the templates.
  4. Should be easy to upload and download.

Usage Instruction

Website templates are pre-designed model of the website, you just have to put contents on them. A basic knowledge of using HTML and CSS is required to use these templates for a new website. However, If you need any help regarding the templates, you contact the our web designing department for support at support@ittrainingnepal.com

If you are looking for a professional web design for your company, we would be glad to provide you the assistance. You can contact us via email and we will reply you shortly.

Available Projects:

Bike Template

IT Training Nepal

Everybody loves sports. Most of them see big matches, while many follow sports regularly. But there are fans who wants to have a website to post news, events, stories and all the happening in ground to update the sport lovers. But the sad news is that most of them don’t have knowledge to create a website. Thus, we have created a gallery of web design related to sports and now sports lovers can download the website for free. The template can be customized slightly and used as per the requirements.