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WordPress Themes

You can download the free themes developed for WordPress in this section. These designs are contributed by students which they had designed during their WordPress Theme development training session. These templates can be used for your website design. During the project work on WordPress Theme development, we will discuss on how to develop WordPress themes or modify existing WordPress themes to develop a website or a blog.

WordPress Theme is a way to “casing” your website. Just like choosing what and how you wear clothes. It provides control and options to present how your website looks without modifying underlying software.  All this without no prior coding knowledge and experience.

How is Project Work on WordPress Theme development conducted?


Features of designs listed in the WordPress theme project work

The themes 

How pages are arranged, how contents are laid out and other visual features such as fonts, colors and backgrounds can be artistically formatted with the WordPress Theme. Your individual expression and preference will have great influence on the outcome of your result.

We start from scratch and as you develop adeptness you will know how the theme works form coding perspective. We will help you to become able to fully modify a theme.

Responsive Layout
Theme Options
Custom Widgets
Logo Upload
Page Templates
Section Backgrounds
Browser Compatibility