Emailing System

Email is a process of exchanging digital message between from one sender to one or multiple receiver.

Email can be send in various forms: contact form, newsletter.

Contact form or inquiry form 

Contact form or inquiry form is generally seen in website for sending an inquiry to the website owner. The content send through contact form is accessed in the email on the receiver end. Contact form are designed in HTML while the information is captured and send to the receiver email address by PHP script. You can send any kind of information through the contact form for e.g. your name, email address, telephone, message, and attachments.


Email marketing is a popular trend in digital marketing. Newsletter are the most common type of email marketing. Its a kind of periodic distribution of company advertisements or information to the list of newsletter subscribers. Newsletter includes different types of contents like text, images, etc.It allows to reach your target audience with the product and service information. It can be automatized as well.