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WordPress Training

WordPress is an open-source and popular blogging platform; it is being used extensively around the world. Various websites and blogs are now being developed using WordPress consequently the scope of careers in WordPress development is also rising. Being open-source, it has a huge community of volunteers contributing towards its growth. Everything from documentation to code is free and there are thousands of plugins and themes that can be used to develop a website in no time. It has added to the popularity of the WordPress in Nepal and around the world. Thus, the demand for WordPress training in Nepal is very high.

This WordPress Training course is suitable for individuals with no prior knowledge in programming but willing to enter into web development as well as professional programmers. If you are looking to develop websites and blogs using PHP and MySQL programming or just want to quickly build websites or blogs using the WordPress powered plugins, themes, and templates, then you should join the professional WordPress Training course at our computer training institute located at Putalisadak.

At IT Training Nepal, we offer WordPress training for students with no prior knowledge of programming but who are willing to enter into web development as well as professional programmers. We mainly recommend this training for blogging and portfolio presentation. We will start this course with the basics of WordPress and gradually move on to the theme, plugins, forms, and search engine optimization before completing the project work. During the training, the intensive focus will be given to real-world practices and trends, thus enabling students to grasp fundamentals and to be familiar with real-world applications.

How is the WordPress course designed?

This training has been designed to fulfill the requirement of individuals who want to develop and manage WordPress sites or blogs but don't have any programming knowledge. This course will gradually move from basic and ample time will be given to students to grasp the fundamentals and finally make them able to develop a WordPress site or Blog.


After the successful completion of this training, the students will be able to:

  • Set up and install WordPress
  • Download plugins, and themes and use them to build a website.
  • Create posts, pages, sidebar, etc.
  • Configuring templates
  • Develop, administer, and update a website or blog using WordPress.
  • Add, and configure Plugins and Widgets
  • Add, and manage media
  • Develop, and use search engine optimization techniques and strategies

Who can join WordPress training?

  • Bloggers and Writers who want to write articles and publish them on the Internet.
  • Web Designers who want to display their portfolio online.

Prerequisites: WordPress is very easy to use, anyone who has the knowledge of using computers and experience of browsing the Internet can easily learn WordPress.

WordPress Developer:

This course is best suited for a candidate seeking a career in IT Companies as a WordPress developer. There is a great scope for candidates having knowledge of WordPress. A person who has a knowledge of WordPress along with PHP can qualify for a job easily.

This course is equally suited for a person who wants to develop personal WordPress websites or blogs. It can also be learned by individuals who want to launch their own website for their company.

Syllabus Expand All


First of all, students are given the concept of Apache web server and configuring it in Windows or Linux. After installing the web server we download the latest version of WordPress and install it.  While installing WordPress we have to take care of a few default values which will help us to make our WordPress website more secure.


After WordPress installation is complete we give the concept of the client and administration section of the website. How to access the administration section of the WordPress website. Along with that we also give the concept of the configuration file of WordPress where information related to database connection is stored.

Posts normally appear in the blog section of the website. We can create as many categories and subcategories as we want. In each category, we can add multiple posts. In this section, students will learn to display posts in different categories. A single post can also be displayed in multiple categories. Along with it we will also give the concept of tagging. Each post can be associated with multiple tags.  Tags will allow us to group posts.

We will learn to display things like advertisements, recent posts, recent comments, and categories in the sidebar section given by the WordPress. Sidebars can also be added as per our requirement on different sections of the website. We can even display an excerpt of a page in a sidebar.

Pages are used to display content part of the website. Wordpress can be used as a content management system using the page part of it. In this section we will learn to add pages and child pages in wordpress. Website pages are displayed using pages section.

Wordpress uses the concept of themes to change the layout of the websites. We can easily change the layout of the website by simply uploading the zip file containing theme. In this section we will learn to install and configure theme based on our requirement. We can find lots of themes in wordpress website. We can try some of the popular themes like news portal theme, portfolio theme and so on.

In wordpress each page can be custom designed using the concept of template. In this section we will learn to apply a template present in the theme to display the content of the page accordingly.

In this section, we will teach students to customize the existing theme. For example, we give students the knowledge of theme files. Students will learn to change the CSS and make minor adjustments to the existing theme.


WordPress by default comes with a limited set of features. However, the feature of WordPress can be added as per our requirements. Suppose if we need an image slider then we can search for a related image slider plugin on WordPress's official website and configure it in our website to start displaying an image slider. This is an important section of our training and in this section, we will give students the knowledge of different plugins like newsletter plugins, SEO plugins, contact form plugins, video gallery plugins, image album plugins, related post plugins, lightbox plugins, and so on.


We use a contact form plugin to get the message from the visitor. Different other form-based plugins can also be used like newsletter subscription forms and so on.

There are plugins that will help to stop spam comments in WordPress posts. Sometimes people also try to hack the WordPress website by tracing different loopholes present in the different plugins. Hence, in this section, we will knowledge on how students can make their WordPress website more secure by using the different antispam plugins. Along with it, we will also provide knowledge on how to make your WordPress website more secure.

All the images, videos, and attachments that we upload to our WordPress website by default are stored in the media library section of the WordPress website. Hence, in this section, we will learn how to make use of media to explore our existing content.

Search engine optimization is another major concern for most of the website and blog these days. Hence in this section, we will learn how to use plugins that can help us in promoting our website. Along with it, we will also learn the plugins that can be used for social media marketing or social media integration.

Moreover, we will also give the concept of SEO-friendly URLs and how we can generate them in WordPress using the concept of permalinks.

We will also teach students how they can generate a sitemap for both visitors and XML sitemap for search engines and its importance.

Finally, students will learn to create a website using WordPress. Normally we will train students to develop a comprehensive website like a news portal as a project work where students can use all the contents that they have acquired during the WordPress training.

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I couldn't have picked better place than IT Training Nepal for quality training. I had so much fun, learned great deal about the core concepts of WordPress. In the training I had some real quality exposure to real time work. Thank you ITTN.

Anup Niroula

I was working as freelancer WordPress developer. I wanted to become professional developer in a good development Company. I did some research about the courses and quality of institutes offering WordPress Training. I joined IT Training Nepal eventually. And my decision is certainly one the best career decision I have made. The excellent, knowledgeable and fun environment allowed me to grasp the fundamentals and move on step by step methods.

Dipak Moktan

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