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Duration: 1.5 months

video editing training

Video editing training has become one of the most demanding jobs since a few years. With the increasing use of videos for different purposes like creating entertaining videos, creating social awareness videos, promoting brands, creating brand awareness, the demand for professional video editors is also increasing day by day. Hence our Video editing training can help you to learn professional insights so that you can lead your career in the area of multimedia.

These days people have started to use videos to learn things. The increasing use of YouTube i.e. a social video sharing website shows that people feel comfortable in learning through videos. 2018 Statistics show that 58% of internet usage is for video streaming. Hence, developing a career in the multimedia field is definitely a worthy choice.

Knowledge of video editing can help an individual to develop either courseware, social awareness videos and even generate revenue via social video sharing websites like YouTube. Therefore, it is good to start video editing training to develop a career in the field of video editing.

What to Learn

In video editing training you will get the knowledge of both video and audio. You will learn to edit videos using Adobe Premiere and audio using Adobe Audition. We will also train you to use professional recording devices for audio.

Course Design

The video editing course is designed in such a way that it teaches you to work as a video editor and moreover, you can also get professional knowledge on how a short movie is developed. What are the different elements that are needed to develop a short movie. Hence, after the completion of video editing training, you can easily start your career in the area of video editing.

First of all, you will be trained regarding the different formats of video and audio. You will learn the interface of Adobe Premiere, import raw footage in the timeline. Using different tools to work with video and audio clips along with the image. Adding effects to both videos and audio. Color correction is also an important task in video editing for cinematic effect. Finally, you will learn to export a movie in a different format for different platforms. The settings that we need to select before exporting the video.


The objective of Video editing training is to develop video editors who can work on post-production companies. During the course, students will learn professional video editing skills along with the tools provided by the Adobe Premiere software.

Who can Join Video Editing Training

Anybody interested in video editing or multimedia industry as a whole can start this course. If you are interested in 2D animation then video editing is your first step for your career. Also, candidates who are interested in developing professional courseware can also join this course.

Career Prospects

You can start your career as a professional video editor. You can work in a post-production company where short movies, music videos, full-length movies are produced.

  • Understanding Adobe Premiere Pro Interface
  • Setting up a Project in Premiere Pro
  • Understanding Adobe Premiere Pro Interface
  • Setting up a Project in Premiere Pro
  • Importing media files
  • Organizing Media files
  • Essentials of video editing
  • Implementing Clips and Markers
  • Applying Transitions
  • Advanced Editing Techniques
  • Arranging Clips in Motion
  • Multi-camera Editing
  • Editing and Mixing Audio
  • Audio Correction
  • Applying video effects
  • Applying color grading and color correction
  • Implementing Compositing Techniques
  • Creating title and captions
  • Organizing your project
  • Exporting movies and clips

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