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GIS and GIS Training Overview

A geographic information system is a computer system that is designed for the purpose of capturing, collection, storage, analysis, and management of geographical phenomena where geographical location acts as a dominant character. Oftentimes, GIS is used for geographical information science or geospatial information studies indicating the academic approach or the works in relation to the geographic information system respectively.

In the present time, the demand and need for GIS have soared high as there are varieties of office operations with applications related to high-profile careers like engineering, logistics, telecommunications, planning, and management, etc.

After realizing the need to create experts in GIS, ITN has been on the service since its establishment. ITN has a team of creative experts who are dedicated to creating professionals who assist in solving day-to-day human issues that have an adverse effect on the ecosystem. At the end of the course, we empower individuals to become experts, who can work confidently in catering to the technical knowledge and skills that have been acquired in various private and government organizations as well as corporate houses and research institutes. We craft a platform here at ITN for candidates who are interested in building their careers in the GIS sector. The trainees will be able to deliver excellent skills in various sectors of their employment as required by it data capturing to applying software used to input and processing as well as extracting and modeling along with visualization and data interpretation.

As geographical boundary matters a lot in any organization or industry; hence, the scope of GIS training has quite well expanded amongst corporate houses and entrepreneurs as this training facilitates with their advanced and latest technologies in bringing out the best result and making a positive impact. It also helps in decision-making regarding geographical issues. Since our country has an abundance of natural resources, this training will offer massive possibilities in the context of resource management procedures that assist the candidates from the grass-root level.


  • Learning Fundamentals of GIS Technology and spatial analysis.
  • Gain practical knowledge of GIS.
  • Enable students with the use of GIS software; find and organize geographic data working with GIS maps, and generate information for decision-making on the geographical grounds.
  • Progressive learning approach.


College graduates specifically from technical, engineering, science, and computer application, who want to see themselves in the department of resource management, field research, and case studies, can join this course. This course will also benefit stakeholders, entrepreneurs, policy and decision-makers, and resource managers who want to excel in their respective fields.


There are no prerequisites as such to join GIS training. However, it will be reliable if the individual is computer literate and can handle databases. However, one can still start from the very beginning.

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I am so overwhelmed with the quality of training program that ITN provides. It was very thorough and clear and made it easier for me to understand the GIS course in detail. Hurry up and join ITN without second thoughts about its services.

Amulya Sapkota

With its comprehensive course curriculum along with the highly qualified teaching staff and well equipped infrastructure, ITN has been my savior. As a student of environmental science, this course benefitted me a lot for my academics and also for my future endeavors. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team of ITN for the support it has provided.

Mamta Adhikari

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