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OpenCart Course

Want to build a career in networking and e-commercial business and looking for institutes for OpenCart training course in Kathmandu? Grab your opportunity right here at ITN, the first-class computer institute that delivers quality skills and knowledge in OpenCart training course in Nepal.

A brief overview on importance of Opencart and Learning OpenCart Course

OpenCart is a PHP based online ecommerce management system that uses MySQL database and HTML components.  With the ever growing trend in e-commerce software in today’s world, OpenCart has proved to be one of the best solutions to upcoming or established web merchants. OpenCart is the best platform for the internet entrepreneurs to create their own business online and get involved in the world of ecommerce at an affordable price. Because of its unique features and the codes are quite easy to understand, this has been gaining popularity over the time. 

Thus, the effectiveness and efficiency of ecommerce development using Opencart framework has implanted interest in many to learn this course.

WHY ITN for OpenCart?

We are living in the 21st century where the advancement in technology has skyrocketed and we are on the competition in every move. To produce skilled and capable candidates through meticulous trainings and tutoring and make them ready to stand in the world class corporate world, ITN has been on the service since some time. ITN has earned a good reputation in conducting effective trainings and classes to a large number of students in various sectors of IT. Like in many other dimensions of technological training, we also provide OpenCart training to enthusiasts who see themselves flourishing amongst the e-commercial enterprisers.

We have a team of efficient professionals working to produce competent individuals. At ITN, we guarantee you the modern and practical teaching methodology, well-equipped infrastructures and resources, friendly learning environment, and responsive and dedicated teachers. We do not compromise on quality education and training. 


Learn the basic fundamentals about installations and configurations on how to set up your OpenCart store.

Putting up simply, one will learn the following the easy steps at the end of the lesson:

i. How to install OpenCart

ii. How to configuration your store

iii. How to create own categories

iv. How to create own manufacturers

v. How to create options

vi. How to create attributes and attribute groups

vii. Adding products

Who can join OpenCart Course?

This training is mostly beneficial to the individuals aiming to enter into e-commerce. Candidates who are pursuing their career in project and management can also enroll in this course.


No any specific requirements are necessary for joining this course. Any interested individual wanting to enter into networking and e-commercial business can enroll into this course. However, basic knowledge and acquaintance with computer will be an added benefit.

Brief Syllabus

Mostly, the syllabus will consist of the following:

1. OpenCart Extension/Module Development Training-Basic

2. OpenCart Theme Development Training

3. OpenCart Theme Customization Training

4. OpenCart Training for Web Masters and Beginners



OpenCart Course

Training here at ITN has helped me create beautiful website designs on my own. Now, I am working as a freelancer website designer for many corporate houses. The training that I got here has definitely boosted up my confidence. Thank you ITN.

Rating: 5
OpenCart Course

ITN has been the right choice for me to do OpenCart Course. After completing this course, I have now become an online store and operator and I don’t need to call for any professional or expertise to perform any of the task. I am happy to be a part of ITN. I highly recommend all to try ITN.

Rating: 5