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Web Development Training

Looking for a training center to complete a solution to develop a website? - Know why IT Training Nepal standouts as the best web development training in Kathmandu.

Web development training course provides the knowledge in writing codes or programs which create a website or a web application. It generally refers to the non-design aspect of developing websites which includes coding and writing markup. However, web development involves all the processes of developing a website and launching it. Thus web development course comprises of web design, web programming, and web hosting. A web development training course is also known as website development training.

Why is a web development course at it training Nepal?

At IT Training Nepal, we have a team of highly professional and skilled web developers who not only teach you how to do web programming but provide you with in-depth knowledge of practical web development, how to develop an optimized web systems in terms of usability, speed, performance, and security, follow the latest trends, methodologies, approaches and tools used in web development, and let you know what are the various web revenue models.

What does the web development course cover?

This course will provide a solid foundation on basic concepts of web development and development practices used. Practical knowledge of content and client-side components like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and multimedia will be focused highly during the training. Students will also be able to identify, develop, and implement various SEO techniques besides learning about the Development life cycle, UML-based Development Model, and Rapid Application Development Model.

How are the web development classes conducted?

The course explains the complete process of developing a website. Thus, the process is mainly divided into two steps.

  • Web designing: Involves designing the front end of the system.
  • Programming: In this training, the student is taught to develop dynamic websites
  • Web hosting: After the website is developed, knowledge of web hosting and domain name registration is given.

IT Training Nepal provides web development training for candidates who want to build a career as a web developer. A web developer can start a career in different platforms like PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, and so on.


The main objective of this program is to produce highly competent web developers. The course also aims to:

  • Develop an understanding of fundamental principles and techniques involving web development.
  • Develop a high proficiency in web programming.
  • Develop an ability to integrate various components involving web development.
  • identify and implement various models, and strategies to upgrade the quality of webpages or websites.

Who can join web development courses?

This training program is highly recommended for aspiring people seeking to enter into the world of web development. As we already are aware of the fact that Web Development covers wide areas; so after the successful completion of training, the candidate can work in various industries working in the Web Development sector.

This course is also highly beneficial for students in IT fields to further their understanding and foundational knowledge as well as to hone their practical skills.


Candidates seeking to enroll in this training program are expected to have proficiency in computer hardware, software, and the Internet. Basic knowledge of any programming is also desired.

Content management framework:

Developing a website or web application through custom programming can sometimes be very time-consuming. Therefore before starting to write code in PHP, web developers need to identify technologies that provide rapid application development. There are many CMS technologies like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, e107, and others through which one can develop a hundred or thousand pages of websites without having to write a single line of code. Moreover, the web developers choose specific CMS technology depending on the nature of the website or web application they needed to develop. For instance, if an e-commerce website is to be developed, web developers would perhaps choose Magento CMS. Likewise, web developers would less prefer to develop a custom blogging website when they can configure a blog with Word Press.

There are also other PHP frameworks through which programmers can develop web applications in a very fast approach such as Code Igniter, Symphony, and Cake PHP. PHP Programmers should have a working knowledge of these frameworks because they may need to work in any PHP environment in their professional career.

Duration : 3 Months

Syllabus Expand All

This is the first phase of web development and one of the most important of all. It is because when a client approaches the web developer for the development of the website or web application, the first thing that the developer has to show is the 'design'. Web design is widely done with the help of designing tool called Photoshop, Fireworks. Using Photoshop, web designers design a mock up (an image file) which is basically the look and feel of the website. After the client finalizes on the design, only then the developer moves ahead to the next phase. The output of the first phase of web development is an image called 'PSD File'.

This is the phase from where the actual coding starts. The PSD file is then sliced using the Photoshop tools and then styled using the markup language called HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), or XHTML and CSS(Cascading Style Sheet). More interactivity can be added to the website by using JavaScript and JQuery. The output of this phase is called static website or a web template.

The above two phases are commonly known as 'web designing'.

Converting static website to dynamic website is the most important and the most time consuming part of web development. Static website is not fully interactive i.e. the content of the website cannot be changed unless we manually change the content in the file where the code also lies. But this is a very difficult task for the non technical person. Even a slight error while editing the content can make the website look ugly. So the web developer has to develop the website in a manner that even the non-technical person can easily modify each and every piece of information on the website without editing the coded file. The activity of converting the static website into dynamic website is called Web Programming. One needs to have knowledge of programming languages like PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor) in order to develop a dynamic website. Using PHP Programming Language, a content management website can be developed. A content management website (CMS) makes it very simple to change each and every piece of information on the website. Most Web Professionals prefers to call this phase the actual web development. The output of this phase is a 'dynamic Website' or a 'web application'.

You can develop dynamic websites or web application using custom PHP programming or by using any Content Management Frameworks or any other PHP Frameworks.

Finally after the website is developed and deployed the most important thing is that the website needs to generate business. Search engine optimization is another vital thing to be considered. SEO is not the final stage of web development. It starts right from the first line of HTML coding followed by best coding practices, quality content writing and formulation and other analytical approaches that makes it SERP friendly.

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The technological advance has shifted paradigm in market, education, economics, and in general people's life. Now web technology has become an integral part of human life. Internet is more and more used for selling products and services and new form of commerce, ecommerce has evolved. Not only in business, technology has impacted education sector and online, e-learning has evolved. Web technology now is penetrating every aspects of life and are powerful tools; facebook , Twitter, news portals are just some examples.

Since, web development service help companies to communicate with prospective clients, generate leads for the business, increase popularity among users thus generating more business, it is being used very extensively in business. Thus, web development service is highly sought in modern day business world.

Web developers are professionals who plan and program websites. They are responsible for developing strategies and implementing them through writing programs using various programming languages. Web developers develop back-end of the website by integrating databases to produce the functional architecture of the website. Then front end (user side) is integrated into the whole system.  Sometimes, Web developers may need to work with content writer, user experience designers and product managers and need to undertake creative or managerial role as well. Web developers thus need to have updated knowledge of tools and technology to remain competent. Web developing is thus a challenging yet creative and grueling yet rewarding job.

Career wise this is one of highly beneficial and rewarding sector provided that you have sufficient skills and logical ability to perform technical jobs and use innovation. The opportunities in career range from small media house to international software development companies. And the best thing is; these sectors are growing very rapidly. Web developers can choose to work in web designing houses, advertising and print agencies, online game makers, mobile application developing companies, or in e-commerce Service Company.

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My training at IT Training Nepal has given me a good insight about web design and web development. Now I can work professional as a web designer and web developer. Now I am leading my own web development company.

Bom Khati

After my graduation in Electronics Engineering, I was not sure about to select IT as a career. Meantime I joined IT Training Nepal for professional training which has helped me to secure my job in IT company as a web developer.

Samir Bhattarai

I was very worried that I didn't finish my college and was struggling to find jobs. Fortunately, I attended the seminar on job-oriented training organized by IT Training Nepal. I enrolled for web development training at IT Training Nepal and now I can develop a complete website including backend and front end. I now am working as a Trainee at Eprabidhi.

Saroj Gupta

I was developing a dynamic website for my BIT final year project. I needed professional help to polish my skills. I took the training here at IT Training Nepal and this has really helped to not only complete my project but to pursue my career as web developer as well.

Arohi Rana Magar

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