IOS Application Development Training

Are you looking to start your development journey with iOS programming? Simply, join the best institute for iOS application development training in Nepal with us. We aim to provide you with sufficient knowledge to help you become an iOS app developer.

With the increase in the usage of mobile devices, there is a proportional increase in the development of mobile applications. Millions of mobile applications are purchased every year by companies and organizations for various purposes. Mobile application users also look for software companies that provide a full range of mobile services. So this urges the mobile software industry to hire qualified iOS developers now and then. iOS developers are one of the highly paid professionals in the IT job market in Nepal.

For the people who want to work with the latest technologies, the iOS application development course is the best choice. After studying this course, one becomes proficient in developing various kinds of applications supported by iOS(iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, etc). At IT Training Nepal, you will learn all the steps in developing an iOS application and launching it to the play store.

Why do IOS application development training in Nepal with us?

AT IT Training Nepal, the learner gets professional concepts to create user interface event-driven applications. At the same time, they will be trained in using source debuggers. Knowledge of using visual development environments is also given in the iOS application development course at IT Training Nepal. Students are taught to test, document, write, and update software for client applications. Learners are trained to maintain up-to-date programming to be in check with Apple's changes in its mobile OS and hardware specifications.

Moreover, candidates are groomed with professional qualities that play a very significant role in the iOS application development industry. They are even provided insights on how to offer technical assistance to clients after the applications are launched to market.

A team of highly qualified, experienced and certified trainers teaches here who are very supportive of students. Knowledge about the latest trends, and apps are also given. Our goal is to make students capable to start a fruitful career and to be well-placed in the iOS application development industry. Our training center is well equipped with training candidates and preparing them to compete with the best iOS app developers in Nepal as well as in the global job market.

How is the IOS application development class conducted?

The classes are conducted by the time managed and fixed by students and trainers for two hours on a daily basis. Prior to the prescribed syllabus in IOS development training is covered. Experts and trainers provide guidance and support at every step, whenever student faces problem and difficulties. Students carry out several projects during the training.

Who can join IOS application development training?

Individuals who fall in the following category can enroll for the iOS Application Development training:

  • Students interested in learning iPhone application development
  • The ideal audience includes individuals with a background in Computer Science and IT.
  • Students of MCA, BCA, M.Tech., B.Tech., M.Sc., and B.Sc.
  • Students who want to be an iOS developers.
  • Candidates who are thinking of going aboard in search of job opportunities in the future.
  • The student who wants to create an iOS application as a part of their college project works.


One needs to have knowledge of Xcode and Swift (or Objective C) which is the programming language for iOS app development. If you have a basic concept of programming as well as an iOS app development eco-system, it will be a lot easier and quicker for learning the iOS app development basics.

If a student doesn't have any knowledge of programming language then, learning object-oriented programming languages like C and C++ is a must and also one needs to be familiar with the Objective-C programming language. Only then, he/she can get enrolled in iOS application development classes.

Syllabus Expand All
  • Textfield, TextView, Delegates
  • Validating Form with UIAlertviewcontroller
  • Button, Tags, IBAction
  • Passing Data from Form to another view controller
  • UINavigationController
  • UINavigationItems
  • Segues- UINavigationController
  • UI NavigationController
  • UI NavigationItems
  • Segues
  • NS Arrays and NS Mutable Array
  • NS Dictionary and NS MutableDictionary
  • Formatting Numbers with NS NumberFormatter
  • Simple String Manipulation with String Classes
  • Search and Replace with String Classes
  • Tableview properties
  • Tableview delegates
  • Custom Tableview cell
  • Multiline handling
  • UI PickerView, UI DatePickerView Delegates
  • Segmented Control, Switch
  • UI ActionSheet
  • Using Camera

Delegates for different states of app

Calling web service and JSON Parsing

At the end of the course, students will develop a comprehensive ios mobile application. The project can be a news portal, a quix, or any other application as per the choice of the instructor and student.

  • Welcome
  • Introduction to Code
  • Download and Install
  • IOS Application Life Cycle
  • Xcode Interface introduction
  • Hello World Example
  • NSLog
  • ARC and Memory Management
  • Variables and Constants
  • Operators
  • Loops
  • Basic Functions
  • Passing Values to a Function
  • Receiving a Return Value from a Function
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I came to IT training Nepal to sharpen my knowledge and to learn more in iOS application development. With the help of such supportive trainers and peaceful environment I was successful to create an application for iPhone. I did many projects here. Hall with Free Internet Access is available every time for the practice purpose because of which it was a lot easier for me to discuss and work with my friends in free time. I am heartily thankful to ITN for providing such a quality education.

Asmita Shrestha

I studied iOS application development in ITN computer institute for 3 months. My aim is to become an iOS developer. My first step towards it was by joining ITN and I feel it was the best decision I made, by choosing IT training Nepal. Now, I can see my future clearly. This institute showed me the right path. I am really thankful to the teachers who were there for us showing constant support and guidance at every obstacle we faced. I highly recommend ITN for the students who want to gain knowledge and searching for a place to grow.

Karishma Shrestha

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