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Advanced Joomla Training

Want to learn Joomla customization and extension development? - We are an exclusive Joomla training institute in Nepal providing the most advanced Joomla course on customization.

Advanced Joomla Training basically comprises of programming in Joomla CMS. Basic Joomla training covers all the built-in features provided by Joomla administration. The Basic Joomla course will explain using Joomla to develop the website with administrative features provided by Joomla CMS. Joomla administrator training teaches students how to use Joomla to create websites and use available modules, plugins, and components. Knowing how to use Joomla does simplify website development, however, that knowledge may not be sufficient to develop the website as required. Thus this course syllabus has been designed to enable web developers, PHP programmers, and Joomla developers to build their skill sets to customize programming aspects in Joomla.

Thus, this course explains how to develop Joomla templates, customize Joomla templates, develop Joomla modules, customize Joomla modules, develop and customize Joomla components, and all aspects of customizing Joomla extensions. The course will give you confidence in developing any kind of application in Joomla.

Why IT Training Nepal for Advanced Joomla Training?

The course is taught by professionals with years of working experience in the Joomla platform. Our professionals have witnessed the advancement of Joomla development with its higher version throughout these years. They are quite knowledgeable and acute in providing a solution if there are any problems in Joomla. Students can benefit from the experience of the instructor not only while tutoring them about the lesson but they can also gain priceless suggestions and information regarding Joomla and its extensions.

Moreover, we update our course syllabus and teach the latest Joomla version.

How is the advanced Joomla training course conducted?

The total time duration to complete the course varies on the skills students possess. Someone who has a good concept of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Mysql completes the training in the expected time frame. However, if a student does not know HTML and CSS then he or she will take longer to complete the course.

The course can be customized according to the learner's requirements. If a web designer wants to learn Joomla to customize templates, then he or she may take classes for template development and customization. If a PHP programmer having a good concept of object-oriented programming wants to learn customization issues in Joomla, then he or she can join the full Joomla course.

Advanced Joomla training is conducted on a group or one-to-one basis. In one-to-one mode, the training is conducted on the fast track. If the training runs for a group, we make sure that every student possesses a similar skill set. Thus, it takes around 1 month to complete the training in normal mode.


  • Customize Joomla modules, components, and plugins.
  • To customize or develop Joomla Templates
  • To integrate custom design in Joomla
  • Customize HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP.

Who can join advanced Joomla training?

  • PHP Programmers who have a good understanding of MVC architecture and concepts of object-oriented programming.
  • Web Designers who want to integrate custom design into Joomla.


To take this training students must complete Joomla administration training at first. To integrate the Joomla template, students must have a good working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. To customize or develop the Joomla Modules and components students should have a good working knowledge of PHP, object-oriented PHP, and Model View Controller architecture.

Syllabus Expand All

Joomla Templates is the front end of the Joomla website. Unlike a simple template, the Joomla template needs to be developed as per the Joomla guidelines.

  • Creating a basic template with HTML, CSS
  • Setting the folder structure for the template
  • Adding stylesheet
  • Adding Javascript
  • Adding PHP for displaying modules
  • Creating module position
  • Packaging the template

In this part of the training session, we will teach you how to customize existing Joomla modules as per the requirement.

  • Concept of file Structure
  • Editing HTML, PHP, JS, and CSS as required

In this session, students will learn to develop a custom module in Joomla. The module can be integrated into the Joomla website. We will also teach how the module will be compatible with different versions of Joomla.

  • File Structure of Module
  • Creating helper file
  • Creating an XML file for the installer
  • Creating the module template.
  • Creating a View file

In this session, students will learn to develop a custom component or customize the existing component in Joomla.

  • File Structure of a Component
  • Creating a helper file for the component
  • Creating an XML file for the component installer
  • Creating the model file for the component.
  • Creating the tables in the database as per the component
  • Creating a component View file

During the training, the instructor will demonstrate to create a sample template, module, and component. After the training, students will be assigned a project work to create a custom template, module, and component.

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