CompTIA Network+ Certification

Do you want to get a certification in CompTIA Network+ and want to stand out among the rest in the growing industry of IT? Are you looking for the right IT institute for the CompTIA course? Join ITN, one of the top-class computer institutes for your CompTIA certification course in Nepal.

CompTIA certifications act as an emblem for the individual to testify the set of skills and knowledge that is required for their respective jobs. CompTIA Network+ is one of those certifications which is a highly demanding certification, internationally recognized, as it precipitates the career prospects of the IT professionals in the world of the IT industry. CompTIA Network+ certification projects on the individual's user-level knowledge of operating and networking systems to carry out the basic skills and technicalities required.

Today, the need for getting CompTIA certification is increasing because of its high value and demand in the IT industry. Network+ certification confirms an individual's proficiency to work as a network technician. CompTIA Network+ is categorized as one of the most popular certifications that IT professionals choose to obtain in terms of higher-paying jobs.

ITN believes in quality and excellence. It has been on the service to produce skilled professionals through the intensive training and guidance that it provides since the time of its establishment. At ITN, we have a unique and practical based teaching methodology that facilitates the students in obtaining their certifications in CompTIA. In a nutshell, the students will have a closer insight into various facets of networking including virtual network troubleshooting, management, and network security.


  • The students will get an in-depth understanding of network hardware, installation, configuration as well as troubleshooting.
  • The students will have the conceptual information on networking aspects.
  • To help create elementary concepts on networking skills and experience that are necessitated in preparation for the Network+ certification examination.
  • The training course will also guide candidates to take a career in networking administration and maintenance.

Who can join comptia network+ certification?

Anyone who wants to build a career in networking can take up this course; however, this course is specifically best suited for professionals working as a network administrators, support technicians, IT cable installers, network engineers, network solutions architects, etc.

Prerequisites/who can take CompTIA Network+ examination?

There are no any specific requirements as such for this; nonetheless, it is ideal for the candidates to have at last obtained CompTIA A+ certification along with an experience of working with networking for a time period of nine months.

Exam Format

A candidate must pass the CompTIA Network+ N10-008 examination to obtain the Network+ certification.

It covers a wide range of topics from configuration to management to troubleshooting and wireless network devices and also includes unified communications, mobile, cloud, and virtualization technologies.

The types of questions consist of multiple-choice questions (the answer of which could be single or multiple), drag and drops, and performance-based. There will be a maximum of 90 questions in total with a time limitation of 90 minutes. The passing score is 720, on a scale of 100-900.

Syllabus Expand All
  • This module focuses on foundational networking knowledge, including:
    • Network terminology and protocols (TCP/IP, OSI model)
    • Network devices (routers, switches, firewalls)
    • Networking media (cables, wireless)
    • Network topologies (bus, star, mesh)
    • Cloud concepts (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • This module dives deeper into network infrastructure components, including:
    • Network cabling standards (Cat5e, Cat6)
    • Cabling tools and termination
    • Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs)
    • Wireless network technologies (Wi-Fi standards, security)
    • Virtualization concepts (basics of VMs and containers)
  • This module emphasizes network management and troubleshooting skills:
    • Network monitoring tools (ping, traceroute)
    • Network troubleshooting methodologies
    • Network performance optimization techniques
    • Security protocols and best practices
    • Network documentation procedures
  • This module focuses on securing networks from threats:
    • Network security concepts (threats, vulnerabilities, controls)
    • Common security attacks (malware, phishing, DoS)
    • Network security solutions (firewalls, intrusion detection)
    • Wireless security protocols (WPA2, WPA3)
    • Secure remote access technologies (VPN)
  • This module equips you to diagnose and fix network issues:
    • Troubleshooting tools and methodologies
    • Identifying common network problems (connectivity, performance)
    • Troubleshooting cabling and connection issues
    • Troubleshooting routing and switching problems
    • Using documentation for troubleshooting
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The instructors were amazing and how they were able to condense the whole course in such a short time was quite exemplary. I am very much satisfied with the output from this course. My certification exams for Network+ became effortlessly easier, and I am hoping to pass with flying colors. All the credit goes to ITN, the excellent computer institute for CompTIA certification.

Sashi Gurung

After Google searching for CompTIA course in Kathmandu, I found ITN and gave it a try. The overall training period has been quite productive. With certification at my hand, I feel more confident and a step ahead towards my career path.

Sagar Khadka

After Google searching for CompTIA course in Kathmandu, I found ITN and gave it a try. The overall training period has been quite productive. With certification at my hand, I feel more confident and a step ahead towards my career path.

Sagar Khadka

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