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Data Mining Course

Are you unaware of the right institute to join for the data mining course in Nepal? Don't worry. ITN is here to help you. Identified as the number one computer institute for data mining course training in Kathmandu, grab your opportunity to study here at ITN.

Today, the discipline of data mining is proving to be an essential factor in various commercial facets of insurance, banking, and retail business to assist in scientific research as well as government security since data mining focuses on bulky data sets. It is most appropriate for predicting probable results, creating information that is action-oriented, and finding out correlations of patterns. IT Training Nepal in Kathmandu prides itself on giving excellent training in different genres of IT. ITN has been offering meticulous classes on data mining training courses with excellent outcomes so far. At the end of the course, the candidates will be able to discover relations patterns of data in a huge amount that helps in the efficient operation of the organization.


  • Acknowledge students about the fundamental concepts and techniques of data mining.
  • Help students to acquire techniques needed in data mining in answering problems.
  • To expand the horizon of the individuals for independent study and research.

Who can join the data-mining course?

This course is planned for anyone involved and wants to excel in data mining projects including IT managers, data analysts, system analysts, developers, etc. Candidates seeking to advance their career growth can also join this course.


Techniques of statistics and statistical programming and data mining skills will be advantageous.

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I am very much impressed with the capability and the abundance of knowledge the instructors have. Now, I have clear concepts about data mining which I can further implement on my academic course. I would without doubt say that ITN is the one of the finest place for data mining course.

Navdeep Raut

Learning here at ITN has been a wonderful experience. This programming course has instilled in me the core concepts about extreme programming software and has embarked an interest to pursue my career on the respective field. Thank you ITN for providing the best.

Sushant Gyawali

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