Coding for SEE Students

The three months Coding for SEE students course is specially designed by IT Training Nepal for SEE appeared students who wants to develop a strong foundation in the area of coding. Coding class for SEE will help SEE students to utilize their 3 months of gap period in the best possible way. Coding is very important for all level of students as it helps them to develop their logical skills. Students who are given the exposure of programming at an early age will help them to think better in making decisions. Their thinking and reasoning ability will increase a lot. If these students later decide to make a career in the field of computer science or IT then the foundation provided by this course will help them to get a strong hold in their study area. The course Coding class for SEE designed in such a way that it provides overall foundation of computer which includes the following areas as mentioned below:

  • Programming in Python
  • Interface design using Figma
  • HTML/ CSS (basics)
  • Database

Benefits of learning Coding class for SEE students

  • Develop logical thinking skills
  • Get a strong foundation in the area of programming
  • Develop communication skills
  • Develop problem solving skills at an early age
  • Learn to collaborate among your teammates to develop projects


This course is targeted for all SEE appeared students. Anyone who has just completed their SEE exam can join this training. No prior knowledge or experience is required to join this training.

Syllabus Expand All

In this module students will learn both procedural and object oriented programming skills. This module will introduce students with fundamental concepts of Python. Python being an easy programming language will help students to develop their interest slowly. Students will learn to solve different types of problems using the syntax of Python in this module. Students will also be assigned to develop mini projects during the course of study.

For detailed syllabus of Python follow the link Python Programming Course (Duration: 5 weeks)


In this module students will learn to develop interfaces, wireframes, graphics using Figma. Figma being a popular tool for interface design and user experience design will provide a good insights in the area of designing to our SEE students. Students can also plan their interfaces which they will learn to develop using html and CSS in the next module. Students will learn the following things in Figma.

Duration: 1 week

  • Setting up Figma account
  • Creating new file in Figma
  • Adding text
  • Importing images
  • Using icons
  • Working with vector graphics
  • Creating components
  • Sharing design with others


In this module students will learn to use html (Hyper Text Markup Language) to publish content on the web. This module will give idea about web interfaces and how web based applications use different html elements to create visual layouts in web. Additionally, students will learn about (CSS) Cascading Style Sheet which will help them to apply styles to those html elements. 

Duration: 4 weeks

HTML Overview 

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Structure of HTML document
  • Heading, paragraph and formatting tags
  • Working with Tables, lists
  • Using div to create sections in website
  • Using HTML5 tags like footer, header, aside, section, article, picture, video, audio

CSS Overview

  •  Introduction to CSS
  • Inline, Internal and External CSS
  • Concept of Class and ID
  • Applying CSS to different html elements
  • Designing layouts with flexbox and grid
  • Media queries for responsive design
  • Using framework like Bootstrap

Databases are fundamental aspect of modern application development. Most of the applications that we use or see has database in it which is used to store data. Therefore, this module will help students to know about the importance of database and how it is being while developing an application.

Duration: 1 week

  • Introduction to database
  • Creating Database and Table
  • Understanding data types
  • Using SQL to insert, update and delete data from tables
  • Using WHERE, ORDER BY clause in SQL
  • Using aggregate functions like COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX
  • Export SQL and Import SQL

Students will be assigned a project work at the end of the course where they will develop an application, design in Figma and generate interface in web using HTML and CSS for the same design and finally create a database.


The main focus is to develop the problem solving skills of SEE students. They will build a good foundation in programming which will prepare them to future learning opportunities.

You don't need any background in programming. We normally form a group of SEE appeared students which helps to maintain the understanding level same.

You have a choice to either start from Python or C/C++. Both programming languages are meant for beginners.

No its not early to start your coding journey. These days basic programming concepts are included in the school curriculum from lower classes.

You can join an application development training in a specific programming language of your interest. ITN offers web application development training in wide variety of programming language.

Yes, three months is sufficient time period for you to finish your Coding classes to build a strong foundation in programming.
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