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College software project assistance

Understand the software development life cycle by going through our College Project course. This course is specially designed for college students to help them in developing their college projects. Add some programming and documentation skills while developing your college projects. IT Training Nepal has been providing assistance in doing student's college software projects along with other professional IT courses. College students are introduced about the programming language and database in the beginning semester however they cannot visualize the overall application development process. Also it is very hard for students to understand the importance of documentation. Most of the students develop software projects however, they fail to write a proper documentation for their project. College projects done properly provides a great support in their career. If students can accomplish their college projects then the knowledge gained during the application development and documentation phase will help students to plan their career ahead in various IT positions. Students can choose various programming language like Java, PHP, Python, Dart etc. to develop their college projects.

Challenges for students in doing software projects

  • Lack of professional training and guidance
  • Inadequate knowledge about a programming language to start with application development
  • Less knowledge about documentation and its structure
  • No proper knowledge of analysis and design tools
  • Failure to design system properly
  • Inadequate idea about different systems and how they function

Objective of college project assistance course

  • Assist students in developing college projects
  • Select any programming language of your interest to develop the project
  • Get an opportunity to develop college project under the supervision of an expert
  • Learn to write technical documentation of the application being developed
  • Get help in determining the scope of the project to complete it in limited time frame
  • Learn to work in a team since you will be developing projects along with other students
  • Get expert advise in each phase of your project
  • Get reference materials to check the past projects done by other students

Applications that students develop for college projects

Students can choose to develop web based application, mobile application, network application, data analysis and visualization applications, machine learning applications. Some of the common web based application developed by students are listed below:

  • Inventory management system
  • Ecommerce 
  • Job Portal
  • News Portal
  • Online Booking System
  • Event Management
  • Patient Management System
  • Bus Reservation System
  • Hotel Reservation System
  • Project Management
  • Doctor Appointment System
  • Online Laundry
  • Library management system
  • Routine management system
  • Online quiz
  • Assignment management system

We also assist students who want to develop projects using machine learning or data science.

Syllabus Expand All

We assess the student's prior knowledge in their chosen programming language. If they lack adequate knowledge then we provide them a short crash course to make their foundation strong so that they don't face any difficulty in developing the application.

Then in this step, students are asked to research existing applications, study their features and develop a scope of their project. Once the analysis is done and features are listed then it is finalized with the help of the supervisor.

Application developed without proper analysis and design leads to failure. Therefore, in the third step, students start with the analysis and design of the system. Here students are introduced with different tools that are used in the analysis and design phase of the system. Based on the requirement students can choose either structured or object oriented approach of analysis and design. 

Structured Approach: Students learn to make DFD for process modeling and E-R diagram for data design in the analysis phase. In design phase they learn to make database schema design, interface design and Physical DFD.

Object Oriented Approach: Students learn to use UML diagrams in object oriented approach. Some of the diagrams that students need to make are object and class diagram for object modeling, state and sequence diagram for dynamic modeling, activity diagram for process modeling in the analysis phase. In the design phase they will learn to create component diagram and deployment diagram.

This is the final step where students start with application development. They are continuously monitored and supervised to track the progress of the application. Students show the progress of their application and make sure it is in the right track. Final evaluation is done after the project is completed.

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