Magento Training

Magento is an open-source CMS especially developed to create an eCommerce website. The framework is developed using PHP and MySQL. Magento will facilitate making your services and business online.

After learning Magento you can create an eCommerce website without having to bother about PHP programming and MySQL. For instance, If you know how to use WordPress you can easily create a blog where you can create a post, and write news and articles. Likewise, if you know how to use Magento Administration you can display your products online.

In the Magento Administration course, you will learn about various features like site management, Catalog Browsing, Analytics and Reporting, Catalog Management, Product Management, mobile commerce, Customer Accounts, Customer Service, Order Management, Payment, Shipping, Checkout, Search Engine Optimization, site management, marketing promotion, and tools, etc.

The syllabus depends upon the mode of learning Magento. If you wish to pursue the non-developer training course track of Magento, then we have outlined the syllabus below. If you wish to learn Magento in a development mode, then we can develop a customized syllabus for you.

Learning Magento yourself can be very difficult as there are very few documentation and experts available for teaching Magento. We have experts who have good experience in the subject matter. We have the best Magento teaching faculties, good documentation, and resources in Magento that help you learn Magento properly.

Who can join Magento training?

  • Magento training can be taken by those who want to develop eCommerce websites but don't have the programming knowledge.
  • PHP programmers who want to develop eCommerce Applications rapidly without coding.
  • Web Designers who have the knowledge of Template designing can create a template and learn to integrate it into Magento. This requires no programming.
  • Software Developers who do not have knowledge of PHP Programming are required to develop eCommerce websites.

Prerequisites: Magento can be learned in two different ways. There are many built-in functions in Magento that can create features that are normally found on an eCommerce website. Therefore if you simply want to develop an eCommerce website to display the products, manage orders, sell products, etc., then learning how to use Magento Administration can fulfill your objectives. But if you want to customize Magento themes and features then you must have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and Mysql. Moreover, Magento was developed using parts of the Zend Framework and uses MVC architecture, knowledge of Zend and MVC is a must to customize underlying codes in Magento Framework.

Magento Developer

This course is best suited for a candidate seeking a career in IT Companies as a Magento developer. There is a great scope for candidates having knowledge of Magento along with PHP. A candidate having knowledge of Magento can qualify for a high-paying job.

Syllabus Expand All
  • Magento Installation and Set Up
  • Magento Features
  • Managing Webstore in Magneto
  • Concept of Categories and Products
  • Related Products
  • Importing Magento Products
  • Quantity
  • Page Templates Using Magento
  • Content Management
  • Customer Orders
  • Invoices
  • Concepts of Tax and Discount
  • Shipping Modules
  • Customer Management
  • Optimizing Magento for Search Engines
  • Widgets in Magento
  • Setting SSL
  • Common problems in Magento
  • Configuring Google Analytics

In this training session, we will focus on the Magento templating system. We will learn the best ways to integrate Magento templates and customize various components in the templates as per the requirements. We will also see how to develop a Magento template.

  • How to do theming in Magento
  • Applying different Themes
  • Customize Magento Themes
  • Build Custom Themes
  • Understanding Directory Structure

After the completion of Magento training students will be assigned to develop an eCommerce website using Magento. Students will integrate a custom design into the Magento, customize it, and add/remove modules as per the requirement.

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The training course has given me very good understanding of the overview of Magento. I learned a lot about architecture, catalog browsing and management, caching and extending several parts of Magento. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the training. And the instructor was really awesome entertaining every inquiry with enthusiastically and providing detailed knowledge.

Suman Pradhan

The course was brilliant. I got the wonderful opportunity to understand how Magento works and about the built in functions. Our tutor was one of the nicest people I have ever met. Plus he has vast knowledge and the way he conveyed knowledge was amazing. I fully recommend this course to aspiring Magento Developers

Rashmi Shakya

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