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Joomla Training

Are you seeking a Joomla training institute in Kathmandu to develop the website on your own? Want to learn to develop a website without writing a single line of code?

Come and join us, we can help you realize this idea and help you discover how you can use Joomla to build websites from scratch, without any programming knowledge. IT Training Nepal is the best computer institute for providing professional Joomla training in Nepal. We provide all forms of Joomla training such as Joomla Administration training and advanced Joomla training.

This Joomla training course is designed with the goal to provide skills for people to build websites. Software developers and programmers can save their development time by creating a website on the Joomla platform. We provide information on useful modules, plugins, and components that are available in the Joomla extension director to extend the default Joomla features.

Why Joomla training at IT Training Nepal?

Joomla classes are conducted by professionals having years of working experience in the Joomla platform. They are quite knowledgeable about various versions of Joomla CMS that keep on upgrading with time. They can provide insights and suggestions on hundreds of Joomla extensions to build desired features on the website.

ITN's experience and contribution towards Joomla can be acknowledged by the fact that our institute has developed several Joomla extensions and shared them on JED for the Joomla community. The extensions were developed by trainers and students during Joomla training. Expertise in the Joomla framework has provided an opportunity for our instructor to conduct Joomla website development at the Royal University of Bhutan, on behalf of the Asian Development Bank. However, the concept of Joomla extension development is taught in an advanced Joomla training course.

How is the Joomla course designed?

The course focuses on developing adeptness to operate the Joomla admin panel and learning to create a website with desired features from the Joomla backend. To help create desired features, a few training sessions are conducted to provide information on free modules, plugins, components, and free extensions.

The Joomla Administration course will deal only with the in-built features provided by Joomla Administration.

Note: PHP Programmers can join advanced Joomla training to customize extensions such as modules, components, and plugins.

How are Joomla classes conducted?

This is a hands-on training course, therefore, the training sessions are mostly conducted using PowerPoint Presentations and demonstrations. All the resources and learning materials required for conducting the training will be provided by the training institute.

It normally takes a month to complete Joomla training. Joomla classes can be conducted in fast-track mode as well. In fast-track mode, we normally complete the syllabus in a week or two. The Joomla course can be customized as per the learners' requirements. Joomla classes are available in Morning, Day, and Evening Shifts. Please visit our training center to find out more about Joomla Course.


  • Install, upgrade, and back up Joomla.
  • Get acquainted with in-built features in Joomla.
  • Get information on finding Joomla extensions.

Who can join Joomla training?

  • Web designers, software developers, college graduates, and webmasters seek to develop or maintain websites by themselves without the hassle of learning programming languages.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses who want to build and manage a website at a low cost.
  • PHP Programmers who want to save time by using Joomla rather than developing custom PHP websites from scratch.

Prerequisites of Joomla Training

There are no prerequisites before joining Joomla Training Course. However, we assume that you are familiar with operating computers, browsers, and websites.

Syllabus Expand All

The course syllabus pertains to the latest Joomla version that is released at the Joomla official website. Some of the topics in the course outline may be excluded from the latest releases and therefore may not be covered in the training. However, we welcome queries from any version.

  • Introduction to open source software and Joomla
  • Joomla installation and setup
  • Developing Sections, Categories, and Articles
  • Edit content using various WYSIWYG editor
  • Load media and insert it into content
  • Plan content with your visitors in mind
  • Add Polls, Contact Forms
  • Menu Manager, Add Menu and alias
  • Managing Global configuration
  • SEF URLs
  • Set keywords & descriptions
  • Create image galleries
  • Share documents for download
  • Generating SEO-friendly URLs in Joomla
  • Install and Manage Templates
  • Change the front page layout
  • Customizing Joomla Template to match your need
  • Change inner page template as required
  • What is an extension?
  • Installing Modules, Plugins, and Components
  • Configuring Parameters for Extensions
  • Downloading Popular Extensions

After the completion of the course, the trainee will be associated with the project work where he or she will develop the projects as mentioned below. 

  • Educational website
  • News Portal
  • Trekking and Travel websites

This course is best suited for a candidate seeking a career in web development companies as a Joomla developer. There is a great scope for candidates to have knowledge of Joomla. Many web development companies in Kathmandu are working on the Joomla Platform to create websites and web-based applications. Having completed this course, one can work as a Joomla developer with a starting salary ranging from 10K to 15K. Moreover, programmers with experience in Joomla customization are more likely to get a better position and draw higher salaries in a web development company.

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The training was truly helpful in my endeavor of gaining mastery on Joomla. ITN computer institute provided passionate and knowledgeable environment. I am confident in Joomla CMS.

Irfan Khan

Previously I had heard that we can create websites in Joomla without programming skills. After completion of Joomla training at ITN computer institute, I am excited about creating website for my business. Thanks to IT Training Nepal for conducting effective training.

Surendra Karanjit

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