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Microsoft Office Training

Microsoft Office course includes various applications like Word which are required for creating and editing documents, Excel for spreadsheets, PowerPoint for creating presentations, Access software for creating databases, and others. The course is designed to cover every level, from beginners to advanced.

Microsoft improves and enhances these applications with each new release. So we provide training using the recent version so that you are able to take benefit of the features that the latest version has to offer.


The main objective of this training is to provide a comprehensive overview of the four main MS Office applications, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Outlook. The focus of the training will be on using the appropriate tool for a particular job.

Who can join Microsoft Office training?

A person who needs to do regular office work like typing a letter, storing records, creating presentations for supervisors, use email and the internet for sending and receiving messages can join this training. This training is applicable to all who want to use the computer in their daily life.

The technology-driven modern world is becoming and more dependent on the use of computer technology. Be it education, business/commerce, or the government sector, people need to use the computer for various purposes. So this course is recommended for all people who need to work with computers.

This course is best suited for people who need to work with various office applications to execute their workplace or personal jobs like presenting summaries, and reports, working with data, and maintaining correspondence through the internet. Executive-level staff, administrative staff, students, and business entrepreneurs are highly recommended to take this training as it will be a great help to them for their professional work.

  • Executive-level staffs
  • Administrative staffs
  • Business entrepreneurs and managers
  • Students appearing for the certification examination
  • Researchers and students requiring statistical data evaluation and presentations.


There are no prerequisites for this training, we will start from scratch. However, a basic understanding of and familiarity with the Windows operating system is a plus.

MS Office is being used widely in every organization and even in personal work too. Most of the organizations give special preference to candidates having MS Office expertise. Various administrative and managerial jobs require working with MS Office applications so administrative staff and managers should have expertise in using MS Office packages.

Other careers that can be pursued are:

  • Data Entry Assistants
  • Computer Operator
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Technical Support Assistants
  • MS Office Trainers
Syllabus Expand All
  • Introduction to hardware peripherals and how to remove or connect them to computer
  • Manage proper folder structure to store files in order
  • Searching files
  • Setting user privilege based on the user type
  • Setting privileges to restrict general users to view the file.
  • Installing and Uninstalling applications
  • Virus and security threats, using antivirus to avoid virus threats
  • Manage backups of files to avoid from loss of data
  • Open printer cartridge to remove paper jams, replace the printer cartridge
  • Creating styles and formatting documents
  • Creating Table of Contents, List of tables, list of figures
  • Creating bibliography automatically
  • Creating multiple header and footer in the document
  • Using multiple Page layout in a single document.
  • Track changes in the document
  • Using smart art
  • Automatically apply table header in the same table throughout multiple pages.
  • Creating flowcharts using basic shapes
  • Inserting pictures and optimizing them to reduce their sizes along with text wrapping.
  • Branding official documents by inserting logos as watermark.
  • Using basic excel formulas to perform simple calculations
  • Formatting cells to input different types of values
  • If-else formula, Conditional sum, sum-product
  • Using filters
  • Advanced filter for data analysis
  • Sorting the records
  • Printing pages in excel sheet
  • Show/ hide gridlines before printing
  • Creating charts
  • Data validation in excel
  • Creating effective Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Using background themes or templates, font style, color schemes for presentation
  • Apply slide transition effect
  • Create custom animation
  • Customizing master slide to put organization logo during the presentation.
  • Create time-based presentation using rehearsals
  • Printing presentation in handout formats
  • Understanding picture formats like JPG, GIF
  • Difference between image resolution for print and online media
  • Reducing the size of images before sending it as an attachment via email.
  • Resizing images proportionally to avoid distortion
  • Using OCR technique to scan textual images and convert it into editable format.
  • Creating PDF
  • Convert word, excel or PowerPoint files to PDF


  • Compressing documents using winzip or winrar to reduce size of the documents
  • Uncompress documents

Writing files to CD or DVD using software like NERO

  • Introduction to browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari
  • Knowledge of bookmarking, history, tabs
  • Difference between http and https (things to consider while making an online transaction)
  • Sending email with attachments
  • Introduction to POP, SMTP protocols, incoming mail server and outgoing mail server
  • Configuring POP emails to outlook express
  • Follow up emails in Outlook
  • Schedule, coordinate and invite for meetings using outlook express
  • Create a to do list using outlook express
  • Using search engines to find the relevant content
  • Using different search patterns
  • Collaboration using Google Docs and calendar
  • Introduction to blog
  • Use of Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter for online promotion of products/ services
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I really enjoyed this course and the course had helped me a lot. I can now use computer much more comfortably.

Hem Lal Sharma

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