web engineering for non it students

web engineering for non it students

The Web Engineering for non IT Students course is mainly designed for students planning to build a career in the field of web design, web development, project management, quality assurance in software companies of Nepal and abroad. This course will help them to achieve strong foundation in the field of IT. After successful completion of this course students can begin their career as a web designer, web developer, database developer, project manager, quality assurance officer etc in software companies.


IT Training Nepal is established with the vision of providing quality education through professional and job oriented training. Our experience in development field enables us to develop courses that are highly saleable and useful to professional world. Our Expertise as Professional Training center for Web development courses is augmented by the years of experience and devotion in development of website and web applications for clients in Nepal and abroad. The teachers assigned for teaching various components of web engineering courses are themselves working as a professional developer in respective fields.


This Web Engineering for non IT course is designed to produce capable professionals that will able to work in various positions in IT industry, who are not primarily from non IT background.

Therefore, this course is devised to impart fundamental concepts and advance knowledge required in professional works.  To be an expert in Web technology, knowledge and proficiency in web designing, programming and advanced web programming concepts like MVC is required. This Web Engineering course is designed to flow gradually covering the fundamentals topics and moving in higher levels. After the students have developed knowledge in fields stated above they will complete this Web Engineering course.

Please see the above chart to know the different courses included in Web Engineering for non IT students. You can see the detailed syllabus and timeline of individual course below.


The Web Engineering for non IT course is developed to conduct training in phase-wise sequence. In each phase, corresponding components of syllabus defined are taught. The classes run for two hours in which instruction are delivered by the instructor using multimedia projectors. Practical examples are emphasized during the practice sessions, where students will apply their knowledge. At the end syllabus of each scheduled phase, students will be given individual or group projects under the constant supervision and guidance of project supervisor. The project work done will be evaluated and verified by our panel of experts. Based on that, the students are moved to next phase of the syllabus.

This course is scheduled to complete in 6 to 9 months, depending upon the student’s learning pace and exposure to the related components of the syllabus. With each phase, student’s proficiency is developed as per defined in the syllabus. The classes are conducted for two hours daily, and frequently complimented by guest lectures from industry experts.


This Web engineering for non IT students training is designed with the main objective of building strong foundation the related streams of web engineering and develop students from non IT background into capable IT professionals. With the main objective of laying the foundations for understanding the discipline of Web Engineering.

  • To develop fundamental knowledge in various web related streams
  • To specialize in a particular stream like web designing, web developing and move gradually to specialized streams like Joomla, Magento or MVC.
  • To develop conceptual and practical knowledge and skills required to such web related streams.
  • To develop sufficient knowledge and skills to perform analysis and designing of web related applications and services.
  • To be able to work as specialist in a particular web technology or attain managerial positions in web industry.


  • This Web Engineering for non IT students training is specially designed for the students who didn’t get chance formal education in IT related fields but aspire develop their professional career in Web technology.
  • This training course is recommended for professionals in IT wanting to develop holistic knowledge in web technology and refine their skills in particular field like MVC, Joomla, Magento etc.

Web technology is becoming more and more popular as the globalization and commercialization is intensifying. Modern businesses are relying in websites and web applications and online business is emerging as dominant business trend over the years. Hence, there is high demand all over the world for dynamic professionals in Web development Industry.

Careers that can be pursued after this training:

  • Web Designer             
  • Web Developer                
  • CMS Expert in framework like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.                                                      
  • Ecommerce Expert in framework like Magento, ZenCart, OScommerce
  • MVC Expert in framework like code igniter, Zend, Cake PHP, Symphony
  • SEO experts
  • Social media marketing expert:        
  • Business Promotion/ Development.

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