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IT Training Nepal, located in Kathmandu has been providing Lumion training for a long time. Lumion is an essential tool for everyone who wants to visualize their building designs. It produces impressive, high-quality videos very quickly and is extremely easy to master even without prior experience in Graphics and 3D software. Lumion gives us the possibility to see our project visualized before creating it in the real world. In lumion we can integrate real-world elements like landscapes, forests, islands, and external objects like cars, plants, people, and trees. In Lumion we can find all the materials like wood, glass, walls, aluminum, metal, and stone which helps us to give real-world experience in our designs. It also has a lot of textures that we can integrate into our design. It is one of the fastest 3D rendering software available in the market. We can give a 3D virtual tour of our project using Lumion. Lumion is available only for Windows OS.

The objective of joining the Lumion course:

In this course, you will learn how to start Lumion projects, add the environment, add cameras, set global and direct illuminations, populate your scenes with people, trees, cars, and other elements, create terrains, and produce animations. In today's world, people want to visualize the design of their project before actually starting the construction. Lumion has all the materials, textures, and elements which add great value to your design and help designers to give a realistic feel to their projects.

Who can join Lumion training?

  • Architects
  • Landscape Architects
  • Interior Architects
  • Civil engineers with an interest in 3D visualization
  • Students interested in 3D visualization
Syllabus Expand All
  • Overview of Lumion interface and features
  • Understanding the importance of Lumion in architectural visualization
  • Introduction to the Lumion library and content management
  • Navigating the Lumion environment
  • Using the camera controls for navigation and framing shots
  • Understanding the different camera modes and their uses
  • Importing 3D models into Lumion from various CAD software
  • Organizing and managing imported models in Lumion
  • Applying materials and textures to imported models
  • Adding and adjusting lights in Lumion
  • Using the sun and sky system for realistic lighting
  • Applying environmental effects such as fog, rain, and snow
  • Creating custom materials in Lumion
  • Adjusting material properties such as color, glossiness, and transparency
  • Using materials to add realism to architectural models
  • Creating landscapes and terrains in Lumion
  • Editing terrain elevation and topology
  • Adding vegetation and natural elements to landscapes
  • Creating animated walkthroughs in Lumion
  • Setting up camera paths and keyframes for animation
  • Adding motion to objects and elements in the scene
  • Understanding rendering settings and options in Lumion
  • Rendering high-quality images and videos
  • Exporting rendered content for presentations and client delivery
  • Exploring advanced features such as real skies and 3D sound
  • Using plugins to enhance Lumion's capabilities
  • Integrating Lumion with other software for a streamlined workflow
  • Developing an efficient project workflow using Lumion
  • Implementing best practices for using Lumion in architectural projects
  • Tips and tricks for maximizing productivity and creativity in Lumion
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