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Drupal Training

Drupal is one of the popular open-source content management systems used to develop the website and web applications. Drupal is developed using PHP and MySQL. Drupal is popular for developing websites that need high security, different access level privileges, and high traffic. Drupal is best suited for the development of Social Networking Websites, News portals, Business Portals, etc. Many popular websites have been developed in Drupal like the website of the White House, US Government websites, etc.

We have developed and maintained a standard Drupal course that is up-to-date with the latest Drupal version. Drupal can be learned in various modes. If you are a non-programmer you can learn Drupal Administration to develop the website. If you are a PHP programmer with a good working knowledge of OOP and MVC architecture, then you can learn Drupal in developer mode. In developer mode, you can either complete all the modules included in the course syllabus or customize the syllabus in the modules as per your requirement.

Drupal training provided by our experts addresses the needs and objectives of the learners and enables them to work professionally with the Drupal platform. All the training is conducted by experts who are working on the Drupal platform.


  • Discover more about the Drupal Framework.
  • To learn how to edit content in Drupal websites if you are a website administrator.
  • To build websites in Drupal if you have little or no programming knowledge.
  • To develop the ability to customize all aspects of Drupal like designs, features, and functionalities in the Drupal application,s and modify Drupal database architectures.

Who can join Drupal training?

  • Webmasters who are handling Drupal Administration.
  • Students looking for careers in the area of website development.
  • PHP Developers who want to develop websites rapidly with little or no programming.
  • Software and Application Developers who have little or no experience in PHP programming and want to develop web-based applications.
  • Designers who want to develop a website but have no PHP knowledge.


If you just want to use Drupal to develop a website, you don't require any knowledge beforehand. You can learn how to develop websites and web applications using the Drupal Administration. However, if you want to customize Drupal Theme or customize Drupal PHP codes then you require the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP before joining the course.

Drupal Developer

This course is best suited for a candidate seeking a career in IT Companies as a Drupal developer. There is a great scope for candidates having knowledge of Drupal. A person who has knowledge of Drupal can add a lot of scope to his Web Development career.

Syllabus Expand All

In this session you will learn the fundamental concepts and built in features of Drupal which would help to develop or maintain websites in Drupal. In this session you will learn to create Drupal content, create menus and navigation, manage media and other contents in Drupal. You will also develop the ability to identify and choose modules to create required functionality in your project.

  • Installing and Configuring Drupal Website
  • Backing up Drupal websites
  • Restoring Websites from the backups
  • Upgrading Drupal versions
  • Updating Website Information
  • Changing Layout using Themes
  • Configuring Themes
  • Adding blocks in Theme
  • Identify and install required modules
  • User management
  • Create user profile and accounts
  • Define user group and permissions
  • Handling Menu
  • Create Navigation System in Drupal
  • Content References
  • Bookmarking
  • Content Administration and page creation
  • CCK - The Content Construction Kit
  • CK Editor
  • Categorizing content
  • User Comment Management
  • Captcha
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Setting User Contact Form
  • Creating Drupal nodes
  • Setting up poles
  • Generating RSS Feeds
  • Creating and Managing Blogs and Forum
  • Views
  • Concepts of Modules
  • Identifying usable modules for various functionalities
  • Installing and configuring modules
  • Launching your Website

In this session, you will learn to integrate custom design for landing pages and other pages, customize or override HTML and CSS in the existing drupal theme and develop Drupal Theme. You will also learn the different approaches for making dynamic layouts and learn the best practices for theming.

  • Overriding Page Layouts
  • Theming and CSS
  • Configuring Drupal themes
  • Modifying themes
  • Managing Drupal content templates with PHP
  • Using the PHP programming language with the Drupal CMS
  • Using PHP snippets

In this module, students will develop CMS websites, news portals, social networking websites, and other similar websites based on the custom requirement. Students will be assigned a project work where they have to develop a custom web application using Drupal.

After taking Drupal training, you will understand how Drupal works and how to use Drupal to develop web-based applications.

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I joined Drupal Training here at IT Training Nepal setting goals to work as web administrator. I gained much needed knowledge in design, features, functionality and security and database architecture. Now I am hired by as Drupal Expert. I am quite thankful to the instructor for their passionate efforts in teaching and management team for their sincere efforts to provide us best services.

Prayash Regmi

Simply awesome! This is what I can say about the training program. Plus the project work we did after the training under the supervision of the expert developers was icing on the cake. Thank you!!

Anita Thakur

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